Daily Archives: December 4, 2019

Csrss.exe trojan — malicious cyber threat which can steal financial information and personal users’ data Csrss.exe trojan is a hazardous cyber threat which disguises as a legitimate Microsoft process. Csrss.exe Trojan is a malicious Trojan horse designed to perform numerous malicious activities on the user’s computer. Keep in mind that […]

Csrss.exe trojan

Navlibx is a legitimate file used by Norton Symantec security software Navlibx is a macOS file that recently started bothering users with persistent pop-up messages. The notification looks like a legitimate warning from Mac, which states: “Navlibx” will damage your computer.This file was downloaded on an unknown date.Report malware to […]


Variance TV is deemed potentially unwanted program (PUP) which secretly hijacks web browsers Variance TV is more intrusive than dangerous, malware researchers claim. It falls into Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs) and Adware categories of cyber threats due to intrusive ads and questionable marketing strategies used to promote a legitimate hxxp://variance.tv/ video […]

Variance TV