Backup – Servers

Backups for Servers is a must, So many businesses forget they should be backing up a server. They think the server will never fail, or they believe that Since I have a RAID Array for storage, I don’t need to backup files. This is wrong in so many ways. Backups don’t just protect current files, it protects the business from accidents.

Why Backup a Server

  1. Backup protects against server failure, hard drive, or RAID failure
  2. Accidental file deletion
  3. Ability to recover files (before accidental edits to a document)
  4.  Recover files that might have been infected with a virus or worse Ransomeware
  5.  Backing up a server is cheaper than trying to recover lost work in manual hours


  1. Backup Servers daily/nightly
  2. Always backup to a external device (hard drive), Another Server, NAS, SAN, Online backup (offsite), or optical Media.
  3. Offsite backup is also recommended
  4. Keep Log files of attempted backups Success and failure
  5.  Periodically test recover files to make sure the back back system is working.