Desktop / Laptops

General Desktop Security Guidelines

The following general guidelines are relevant for all users, no matter what operating system is being used:

  • Maintain up to date and properly configured anti-virus software.  Be sure that real-time protection scans all files.
  • Don’t open any e-mail attachments unless you know the sender AND know that it was intentionally sent to you.
  • Use complex passwords. Never write down your passwords or share them with anyone else.
  • If you share any files from your machine , be certain that access is protected with a complex password.
  • Keep back up copies of any important documents.
  • Periodically check web site of the OS vendor (e.g. Microsoft or Apple) for critical security updates that may need to be applied.
  1. BIOS or Firmware Lock
  2. Hard Drive Encryption
  3. Bluetooth
  4. WebCAM Security Tips
  5. Firewall turned ON