Daily Archives: November 20, 2019

Hernclinicsfun.info is adware that requires human confirmation by clicking on the “Allow notifications” button Hernclinicsfun.info – adware that can add BHOs to web browsers such as Chrome, Explorer, Firefox, Edge, and Safari Hernclinicsfun.info is classified as a potentially unwanted program that tries to gather as many subscribers as possible. The […]


CVE-2019-2234, new camera app vulnerability, allows remote attackers to record videos on Android smartphones Security researchers have reported about an Android-based camera vulnerability that was detected recently. A risky flaw involves several smartphone models released by Samsung and Google that have a vulnerable camera app installed in advance. A vulnerability […]

Android smartphones in danger – new flaw helps bogus apps ...

Tsyndicate.com is the suspicious website indicated as dangerous by online visitors due to additional malware spreading Tsyndicate.com is an adware-type intruder that focuses on redirecting the user to unsuspected and possibly harmful pages. People end up on the page unintentionally, and this is because of the potentially unwanted program that […]