Mac Viruses

ExecutiveProduct targets mac users specifically ExecutiveProduct is a potentially unwanted program that has both adware and hijacking capabilities. It is developed to infiltrate mac machines without XProtect's detection and changes various browser settings like the homepage, new tab address, and implements a fake engine.[1] The virus also generates commercial content […]

ExecutiveProduct mac

ClickPDFSearch browser hijacker is the program promoting its search engine as an improvement for your browser is the page classified as the browser hijacker for all the reasons related to unwanted content and intrusive behavior. A program is a questionable tool using deceptive, misleading material that can lead to […]

ClickPDFSearch browser hijacker

SearchPrimaryData browser extension for Mac changes your search settings SearchPrimaryData claims to improve your browsing experience by personalizing search results[1] and extending overall functionality. Computer security experts categorized it as a potentially unwanted program which belongs to Adload adware family. Usually, this extension appears in the browser by clicking on […]


Docallisec the adware-type program that triggers frustration on macOS device Docallisec is teh macOS threat that triggers fake pop-ups with update and installation promotions. Docallisec – the potentially unwanted program that shows various commercial content to trigger needed processes on the infected machine. This app displays pop-ups injects advertising content […]