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Researchers unmasked a two-year-long attack dubbed Operation Layover: the research began with a tweet A lengthy email phishing campaign aimed at the aviation sector was revealed.[1] It all started in May when the Microsoft Security Intelligence team tweeted about travel and aero industries-targeting spear-phishing[2] attacks distributing RevengeRAT/AsyncRAT. Attackers from Nigeria […]

The Trojan analysis lead to the attack on the aviation ...

Recommend-premium-install-smart.cyou is the PUP or adware-type program that displays various content to expose you to dangerous content Recommend-premium-install-smart.cyou is the adware program that aims to trick people into subscribing for notifications, other online content, or even expose your personal information.[1] The site might show up as a redirect from another […]

Recommend-premium-install-smart.cyou ads

ExecutiveProduct targets mac users specifically ExecutiveProduct is a potentially unwanted program that has both adware and hijacking capabilities. It is developed to infiltrate mac machines without XProtect's detection and changes various browser settings like the homepage, new tab address, and implements a fake engine.[1] The virus also generates commercial content […]

ExecutiveProduct mac