Daily Archives: July 31, 2020

ScanUtilities is a potentially unwanted program that uses deception to make users buy its full version ScanUtilities is a potentially unwanted program that shows exaggerated scan results ScanUtilities is a fake system optimizer that promises to increase a Windows computer speed by clearing the registry, fixing startup issues, missing DLL […]


Vulnerability in Zoom allowed attackers to crack passwords for private meetings and spy on participants Numeric passcode used to secure Zoom private meetings can possibly get cracked in the mater of minutes.[1] Zoom meetings platform have surfaced on security news site first pages a few times already.[2] Tom Anthony[3] reported […]

Yet another Zoom bug: private meeting passwords cracked in minutes

y0utube.best is the site that uses social engineering to lure people into allowing shady notifications y0utube.best – a domain that shows nothing besides pop-up that triggers the Allow notifications function from any interaction with the site. Unsuspected users accept those notifications, promotional pop-ups, and other content, by falling for the […]