Daily Archives: April 30, 2020

Shade ransomware service shut down: 750,000 unique decryption keys revealed on GitHub   Shade ransomware, often dubbed as Troldesh, is a file-encrypting virus that keeps infecting regular PC users, companies, and businesses via spam email campaigns since 2014. At the time being, there are more than 15 diverse versions, which […]

Shade ransomware

Black Rose Lucy malware gets back as an Android-based ransomware After the first wave in 2018, Black Rose Lucy[1] malware-as-a-service (MaaS) shifted its activity from Android malware to ransomware and is currently actively spreading via social media links and fake Streaming Video Optimisation (SVO) alerts. Nearly 80 diverse samples have […]

Black Rose Lucy MaaS returns as an FBI ransomware

Sadogo ransomware encrypts files with .encrypted extension and demands victims to purchase a General-Decryptor Sadogo ransomware is yet another file locking virus that started harvesting people’s personal files in the middle of April 2020. Alike most viruses of its kind, it explores the system’s vulnerabilities and tricks people into downloading it […]

Sadogo ransomware