Viruses and parasites

Researchers unmasked a two-year-long attack dubbed Operation Layover: the research began with a tweet A lengthy email phishing campaign aimed at the aviation sector was revealed.[1] It all started in May when the Microsoft Security Intelligence team tweeted about travel and aero industries-targeting spear-phishing[2] attacks distributing RevengeRAT/AsyncRAT. Attackers from Nigeria […]

The Trojan analysis lead to the attack on the aviation ...

Malware abuses Google AdWords and spreads via promotional ads for TeamViewer, Zoom  Users that are currently searching for TeamViewer remote desktop software on search engines like Google are being redirected to malicious links.[1] Those links seem to drop ZLoader malware onto users' systems, and at the same time simultaneously embrace a […]

ZLoader is back: uses ads for spreading and disables Windows ...

Researchers reveal that the backdoor malware is connected to the group responsible for attacks on Taiwan, Vietnam, U.S organizations The newly researched malware finally linked to the longstanding Chinese espionage operation group named Grayfly.[1] The backdoor was recently found when the malware targeted the computer retail company in the United […]

New Sidewalk malware linked to Grayfly – espionage group from ...

The QSnatch malware that was first spotted in 2019 grew from 7,000 bots to more than 62,000 affected devices According to security alters,[1] the malware has infected network-attached storage – NAS devices from the developer QNAP.[2] Cybersecurity teams from the United States and the United Kingdom,[3] state that attacks with […]

New QSnatch malware attack reports: 62,000 QNAP NAS devices infected

Garmin smartwatch and aviation services shut down for hours – new WastedLocker ransomware supposed to be the culprit Garmin Ltd., an American multinational technology company headquartered in Kansas[1], and actively competing with Fitbit and Apple has experienced an outage on July 23, 2020. The company has shared an official note […]

Garmin smartwatches and aviation shut down due to ransomware attack

BlackRock Android malware targets passwords and credit card details from dating, social media, instant messaging applications Newly discovered Android banking trojan steals credentials from more than 337 applications in various categories.[1] Dubbed BlackRock, the trojan can steal data from mobile apps that are not all used for financial purposes.[2] The […]

New Android malware targets data on entertainment, social media apps

Android malware still evades Google Play Store Protection and delivers threat that is tracked since 2017 Joker malware – Android virus, once again reported spreading around via infected applications.[1] The malicious actor manages to slip these programs onto the Google Play Store – official source of Android applications.[2] This is not the new […]

Joker malware keeps hiding and spreading via Google Play Store

Windows POS malware dubbed Alina steals credit card data from victims using the DNS tunneling Researchers revealed that a new malware campaign involves Alina point-of-sale malware that gathers credit card data from unsuspected victims.[1] Malware was discovered using the DNS protocol to gather information about credit cards to a remote […]

Malware uses the DNS to scrape credit card numbers from ...