Rsecompa is the program that relies on social engineering tactics and tries to fool users into allowing its push notifications


Rsecompa – adware-type program that claims to offer more useful content to trick you into notification subscription. The site delivers a pop-up with the form of agreement, and once the user clicks agree or allow on the message push notification start to go directly to the desktop, regardless of the browser is opened or not. This is the program that relies on advertisements and deceptive material, content that is intrusive and annoying because of sponsored links and offers, promotional redirects to shady installation pages. 

This Rsecompa push notifications virus is triggered by the adware program that runs in the background and affects the speed of your machine, and the performance, interferes with web browsers and can even damage the machine by altering particular system settings. Startup preferences and registry or even some security functions can get affected when the potentially unwanted program is working in the background. Unfortunately, these changes are not easily reversible, as well as noticeable. You may spot the symptoms of the intruder, but the program that you need to remove is not found on the desktop or at all. You need automatic tools for such cleaning processes.

Name Rsecompa
Type Adware/ push notifications virus
Symptoms Additional windows appear on the screen offering to allow notifications or subscribe to particular information from the site. Commercial content keeps you from accessing wanted material online and redirects to possibly dangerous sites
Distribution Freeware installations lead to undisclosed downloads of PUPs. Deceptive sites and fake software download pages also lead to such installs of useless programs and questionable tools
Danger Ad-tracking[1] is the issue that should raise concerns because PUP and related advertisers can access details about your browsing habits. Adware can also install other tools and cause changes in the system
Elimination Remove Rsecompa with anti-malware tool and clear the traces from the machine with an automatic system scan
Repair As for the system recovery procedures, you need to check parts of the machine that get damaged without your knowledge. Run Reimage Reimage Cleaner Intego so affected files get indicated and repaired if needed

Rsecompa accesses your browser preferences and history the minute PUP that controls everything gets installed. Information about your most viewed sites or searched items can be used for advertising campaigns that later on are released directly targeting you.

The more time you give this intruder the more issues with your internet speed, the performance of the device, and privacy are caused. Rsecompa virus is not trusted because it provides no value for the machine it gets installed on. There are many shady activities that potentially unwanted programs can run because third-party involvement also means that various data tracking techniques may be used. is the site that appears out of nowhere and starts triggering redirects, pop-ups, banners that get injected on pages that normally do not show any advertisements and commercial material. This is the symptom that adware is mainly known for because pay-per-click revenue[2] can be generated from views and page visits. Sponsored material ensures that users are clicking on commercial material and nothing else. may start opening your web browser by itself and redirect you straight from the beginning to sponsored or affiliated pages where data is collected, and you may get exposed to some possibly malicious materials. In most cases, notification settings get altered from the minute you agree to get them on the desktop.

You need to manually go through setting so the browser and locate to Site or Content settings to find Notifications section and under the Allow list search for anything suspicious. All sites that you do not want to see all the time should go to the Block section or Removed entirely. Once that is done, you shouldn’t receive Rsecompa redirect or pop-up no more.

Of course, that works best of you remove Rsecompa itself first before running any other changes or programs on the machine. As for other programs, besides the AV tool that was mentioned before, you should think about system optimizer or a PC repair tool. The security program works for cleaning, but virus damage can still affect various parts of the computer without your knowledge. Reimage Reimage Cleaner Intego can indicate parts that require fixing and even repair some system files for you.  Rsecompa PUP
Rsecompa – the push notifications virus because it directly delivers pop-ups on the desktop.

Rsecompa PUP
Rsecompa – the push notifications virus because it directly delivers pop-ups on the desktop.

Rsecompa removal process is not that difficult as it would be with trojans and other viruses, but manual termination is not recommended still. The automatic method that involves anti-malware tools is the best way to go because tools designed to eliminate intruders can check various parts of the system and delete anything that gets detected.

You should note that clicking on any content that delivers can lead to infiltration of additional PUP or a virus, so you may need to terminate much more than on the adware program. Try to ignore any messages and pop-ups that appear on the screen, so you can avoid additional installs this way. Also, do not allow notifications that get triggered by clicking on the following window: wants to Show notifications
Click Allow to confirm that you are not a robot!

These Rsecompa spam notifications can lead to more advertising material, adult sites, online web games, or software promotional content, fake updates, and other pages where you may get exposed to malicious material without notice. If that happens your device cannot work properly whatsoever since all the browsing processes are affected. 

As for the web browsers that get toolbars or extensions installed behind your back and interferes more with the speed and performance of the computer in general, you need some manual interference. Tools that remove Rsecompa automatically cannot access those PUAs added on the browser directly, so rely on instructions below that show hot to fully reset browsing tools and remove all the shady applications. Experts[3] always recommend double-checking these processes.
Rsecompa is the potentially unwanted program that tricks people into allowing notifications from the shady site.
Rsecompa is the potentially unwanted program that tricks people into allowing notifications from the shady site.

Think about all the suspicious content before clicking on it

You need to be cautious and mindful when you surf online and try to pay closer attention to content that you constantly get exposed to. Any sites can supply advertisements that trigger installations of undetected intruders and PUPs or even malware. You may also end up on hacked sites or malicious copies of some legitimate pages. 

If you click on anything that launches the download of a payload or a malicious scrip, your device gets more infected than you think. Since all this happens behind your back you cannot control avoid anything. However, there are methods of delivering PUPs that you can somewhat control yourself. 

If you download and install anything from the internet, you need to choose reliable sources and trustworthy developers or pages where to get those tools and applications. If you do so, you can be sure that there is nothing shady about the installation wizard. If you choose Advanced or Custom methods during every freeware install, you can see the full list of programs and de-select any unwanted apps. This way, you control what gets installed and what is not.

Clear all the alterations that PUP causes

You may notice some redirects and other Rsecompa virus symptoms, but the most annoying are the ones that the user cannot easily spot. When you receive pop-ups and banners, inmost cases, you can avoid some of them and don’t click on anything that seems suspicious. If adware lands on the mobile device it becomes a bit trickier. 

This is the first step in Rsecompa removal – avoiding further infections. You should try to not get anywhere where the content can trigger automatic downloads of adware, browser hijackers, or different PUPs. Exiting the browser and other windows may be the way. Then you should try to get a proper anti-malware tool and run a full scan on the machine, so all the traces can get terminated and cleared off. 

It may seem that it is easy to remove Rsecompa since it is only a potentially unwanted program. However, manual instructions can help with some of the symptoms and damage of the virus. Proper system tools can find the initial PUP and any additional installs of malware or PUAs, so rely on AV tools that can be trusted.

You may remove virus damage with a help of Reimage Reimage Cleaner Intego. SpyHunter 5Combo Cleaner and Malwarebytes are recommended to detect potentially unwanted programs and viruses with all their files and registry entries that are related to them.

Reimage Intego has a free limited scanner. Reimage Intego offers more through scan when you purchase its full version. When free scanner detects issues, you can fix them using free manual repairs or you can decide to purchase the full version in order to fix them automatically.