Daily Archives: January 13, 2020

“ATMZOW” credit card skimmer used on a legitimate Australia’s bushfire donation site vamberlo.com The world is currently captivated by unfortunate events happening in Australia since September 2019 – bushfires are engulfing natural habitat as well as all the creatures living there.[1] The disaster is so immense that local firefighters have been […]

Magecart credit card skimmer inserted into Australian bushfire donation site

xhelper – Android malware that reinstalls itself after termination, uninstallation and even factory reset  xHelper is the trojan dropper that delivers malware like banking trojans and ransomware on mobile devices. This trojan has already infected 45 000 devices in the past six months, mainly targetting U.S, Russia, and India. Malicious applications […]


Sigonews – a website that provides brand stories but aims to throw annoying pop-ups on Androids and other devices Sigonews virus is an adware app that travels with the help of software bundling Sigonews is a third-party website[1] that aims to drop notifications on Android devices and Windows/macOS computers. Ads […]