Daily Archives: January 10, 2020

The zero-day vulnerability would allow the attackers to take over users’ machines Mozilla has rolled out a critical update – it patched a zero-day vulnerability within the browser that is actively exploited in the wild. If successfully exploited, it would allow the attackers to take over the affected machines – […]

Firefox patches critical zero-day vulnerability exploited in the wild

BrowserModifier is a malicious program programmed to divert users’ traffic to affiliated sites BrowserModifier is a term used to describe an aggressive type of adware and browser hijacking programs BrowserModifier is a heuristic name given to a type of potentially unwanted programs[1] that focus on browser hijacking activities on Google […]


Startmostoriginalprogram.icu is the intruder that is designed to install potentially unwanted programs or malicious applications by tricking people Startmostoriginalprogram.icu – Mac virus that shows fake messages about needed updates or installations to make people eager to allow the suggested content. This is an adware-type program pretending to shows system errors that […]


Bnewsb.com is the adware that degrades the speed and performance of the device it gets on Bnewsb.com – potentially unwanted program that shows notifications and pop-ups even when the browser is closed to reroute the online traffic to ad-supported sites and generate the needed revenue.[1] The intruder starts bombarding the desktop […]