is the adware that degrades the speed and performance of the device it gets on – potentially unwanted program that shows notifications and pop-ups even when the browser is closed to reroute the online traffic to ad-supported sites and generate the needed revenue.[1] The intruder starts bombarding the desktop and web browsers’ windows with annoying advertisements, banners, blinking boxes, and different content pushing software and other products. It even alters settings of the browser or the system directly to trick you into visiting online gaming sites, porn, malicious domains, or download fake software updates, click on pages injected with dangerous scripts.

This is not a virus or malware of any sort, but the intruder can cause many issues due to data tracking functionality and the fact that content you get exposed to is potentially malicious. Since this is a program related to many advertisers,  ad-tracking is a technique used by all of them so your personal information is ar risk when you surf on such questionable pages all the time. This is mainly designed to help with marketing and promoting products, but data collecting and sharing such information with third-party companies can lead to identity theft.

Type  Adware
Symptoms  The program appears out of nowhere and makes changes to settings of the web browser like the homepage or new tab preferences. It continuously redirects the traffic to advertising services and possibly malicious pages where the user gets exposed to malware and even downloads intruders without even noticing. Push notifications encouraging to allow additional content appears when the browser is closed and redirects to questionable pages
Danger  Advertising content and sites the user gets exposed to relies on tracking functionalities and collects data about users’ browsing habits and personal information. Data ends up in the hands of third-party companies or even malicious actors, so the security of your privacy is in question
Distribution  Insecure freeware installations lead to infiltration of such programs because skipping through important steps allows all included programs to get downloaded and installed without additional permission from the user
Elimination removal is the process that requires some help from professional security tools because manual termination of PUPs can take time and still don’t give the best results. Automatic scan with the anti-malware program can delete all potential threats at once
Optimization  To improve the performance and get back to the normal speed of the PC, you should employ a system tool like Reimage Reimage Cleaner that may fix the damage in system folders and repair needed files – one of the hundreds of rogue websites that keep the focus on redirecting visitors to deceptive and possibly dangerous pages. The redirect appears out of nowhere on the screen because such behavior is caused by a potentially unwanted program running in the background. Such application infiltrates the device without users’ permission and starts delivering advertisements, exposing the visitor to needed content, and gathering browsing-related information.[2] is not showing news or any content whatsoever when you visit the URL directly. However, when the adware shows this site on the affected machine, it delivers misleading and clickbait material to gather views and trick people into visiting the sponsored pages. Adware is related to ad-supported sites, so such views and visits are the main goals that PUP is distributed for.

Since adware shows material related to questionable services, you cannot be sure that anything that comes after clicking on pop-ups or redirects is safe to view. However, when the screen is filled with pop-ups and banners, blinking boxes, and other ads, there is no easy way out without clicking on something questionable. Try to exit the content and browser itself without triggering too many redirects and try to clean the machine as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, due to all the additional content adware installs on the machine and changes made to some of the settings, removal is a difficult and time-consuming process. Unless you choose to go for automatic method and use the proper anti-malware software for the full cleaning. AV tools can check the system for you and indicate any threats, potentially dangerous files or programs and delete them all for you. Then you can manually go through web browsers and recover default settings. virus is the cyber intruder that relies on shady marketing techniques to make money from victims. opens tons of browser windows and causes redirects to untrustworthy sites to keep the machine affected and running all the needed processes. This way, adware ensures that the user is not accessing anything but sponsored or related domains where data can be tracked and collected.

Advertisers use location details, most viewed pages, searched items, and other browsing history data to generate personalized advertisements. When commercial content is more geared towards you, can ensure that you are clicking on such material willingly. If you keep the intruder on the machine, it can further alter the Windows registry or install in-browser content too keep the persistence.

You need to remove as soon as you notice anything suspicious, so all the additional damage can be avoided. However, you cannot tell specifically when the PUP got on the device since infiltration happens silently and in the background, so clean the machine fully no matter what.

Experts[3] note that even though is not malware, but a PUP, there are many places this intruder can go and make alterations without your knowledge. This is why it is advised to run the PC optimizer or repair tool on the machine after the initial PUP termination. Reimage Reimage Cleaner and similar cleaners may find and fix issues with registry entries or more essential settings. Interfering with such important parts of the PC manually can lead to permanent damage. adware – program that affects the performance with intrusive and annoying ads comming out of nowhere.

Clickbait and misleading content leads to direct PUP infiltrations 

The Internet is not the safest place because people rely on various techniques to reach their goals. Malicious actors and PUP developers also rely on many shady methods when they want to spread their products and generate money. Sponsored content, advertisements, redirects, and clickbait that attracts users’ attention can help to achieve anything.

Promotional ads and sites where freeware is offered leads to unwanted installations and sometimes such downloads can get triggered by clicking on the web browser alone. However, one of the biggest issues when it comes to potentially unwanted programs like adware or browser hijackers involve software bundling technique.

During freeware installations, when the source is not the most reliable, the setup has more additional programs than the one that you intend to download. If you skip through steps and go for Recommended or Quick options, you allow all the intruders on the machine without even noticing. Always choose Advanced or Custom options and check the list of programs prepared for installation to uncheck any suspicious applications.

Get rid fo any content related to push notifications virus

Note that the virus is called that not only for unwanted and intrusive content that fills up the screen. Push notifications that come to your screen after every reboot besides the fact if the browser is opened or not, so you need to go through particular settings on each of the web browser and change them.

After the proper removal using the anti-malware software, locate each of your browsers and go to Advanced settings where Content or Site settings should be found. Under the Notifications section, Permissions should list all the sites that can send you notifications. Manage URLs there and Block suspicious sites completely.

This is not that difficult when you remove prior to that. Potentially unwanted program is no longer affecting those settings, and you can use the machine normally. Do the same fix on your system settings, but rely on PC repair tools for this step, to avoid further damage.

You may remove virus damage with a help of Reimage Reimage Cleaner . SpyHunter 5Combo Cleaner and Malwarebytes are recommended to detect potentially unwanted programs and viruses with all their files and registry entries that are related to them.

Reimage Reimage Cleaner has a free limited scanner. Reimage Reimage Cleaner offers more through scan when you purchase its full version. When free scanner detects issues, you can fix them using free manual repairs or you can decide to purchase the full version in order to fix them automatically.