Daily Archives: December 5, 2019

Notube.net is one of many online video converting sites which might be used for illegal music or movie downloads Notube.net is adware that redirects people to odd sources that promote MacKeeper Notube.net is a website that claims to incorporate a free video conversion function that works with YouTube, Dailymotion, and […]


Chainthorn is a suspicious website that tries to push notifications directly to users’ desktops Chainthorn.com is a potentially dangerous website that users can get redirected by adware or end up visiting if after being redirected from another malicious site Chainthorn.com is a push notification virus that is closely associated with […]


US National Intellectual Property Right Coordination Centre takes down 30 506 websites with pirated products Europol has released an official report about a specific operation named IOS X. During this process, the organization and the US National Intellectual Property Right Coordination Centre have taken down 30 506 websites that included […]

More than 30K piracy sites disabled by Europol, three hackers ...

Win.Trojan.Pmabot – a trojan capable of remotely connecting to a server and launching a DOS attack Win.Trojan.Pmabot is a Trojan virus that performs all of its malicious activities remotely by using a C&C server.[1] Some users have reported receiving malicious traffic from this malware together with the “Win.Trojan.Pmabot outbound connection […]