Daily Archives: November 21, 2019

Louisiana state government experiences a ransomware attack that affects its servers Ransomware attacks have become a common occurrence nowadays. As a confirmation to this fact, security experts released reports that the state government of Louisiana has become another victim of ransomware developers.[1] On the 18th of November, John Bel Edwards […]

Louisiana state government experiences a major ransomware attack

Private-show.live – adware that asks for human verification or watching a video by clicking the “Allow” button Private-show.live – an adware program that causes redirects to odd locations Private-show.live is a potentially unwanted program that tries to attract as many subscribers as possible. The adware convinces users to click on […]


Bigdater.me is the website that causes push notifications and opens more untrustworthy pages with shady content Bigdater.me is the adware-type intruder that runs in the background while the online traffic is redirected to shady services and possibly harmful domains. The potentially unwanted program operates like any other website focusing on […]