Daily Archives: July 23, 2020

Mshta.exe is an element of Microsoft HTML Application Host Mshta.exe is a process that is a part of a legitimate Microsoft HTML Application Host for Internet Explorer. This utility executes HTA or HTML files on Windows operating system. The executable file is not harmful to your computer if it is located in C:\Windows\System32\ […]


Third-party service provider for number of non-profit organizations, as well as University of York, was hacked On July 21, the University of York disclosed alarming news to its students, alumni, and other related parties. According to the academic establishment, its third-party provider, Blackbaud, was involved in a cybersecurity incident, in which […]

Ransomware attack on Blackbaud leaks University of York students’ data

Win64:pup-gen is a heuristic detection name that may either be a false positive or indicate the fact that Windows crack tool is running on the machine Win64:pup-gen is a detection name that is typically displayed by security programs, such as AVG, Sophos, Avast, and others. Although this detection might be […]


Jightlydra.club is URL address that starts showing up on the web browsers if the system is infected by an adware Jightlydra.club is a misleading domain that is basically used to display advertising content and harvesting users’ web browsing history. People may be redirected to this platform after accidentally landing on […]


Verified-extensions.com is the program that creates issues on the system when triggers redirect to shady platforms, commercial pages Verified-extensions.com – the potentially unwanted program that promotes browser extensions and eventually triggers installations of various PUAs. The site triggers pop-ups, banners, new windows, and other forms of commercial content that constantly […]