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Dirty Tinder malware – is an adware that will show adult content ads Dirty Tinder malware is one of Tinder virus family members that belong to an adware category. This ad-supported program displays annoying pop-ups that promote porn and adult dating websites. Frequent advertising might relate in browser-related issues, annoying […]

Dirty Tinder malware

Zloader – a dangerous banking Trojan that is based on the notorious Zeus malware Zloader is a banking Trojan that is used to exfoliate sensitive information from its targets Zloader is a banking Trojan that is used to exfoliate sensitive information from its targets Zloader, otherwise known as Zeus Sphinx […]


BlackMoon banking Trojan steals people’s banking information and delivers SkyStarts ransomware as a second payload BlackMoon is a reference to a trojan virus, which has been first spotted on the landscape in 2014. Many cybersecurity vendors recognize it as W32/Banbra on the bases of its detection name. This specific malware example […]

BlackMoon virus

CoreSync.exe is the trojan that uses processes and files that run in the background triggering cryptojacking functionalities CoreSync.exe – malware that is designed to conceal cryptocurrency mining operations with executable files found in temporary folders. It manages to get on the machine unnoticed and trigger processes without any permissions needed. […]


Pushtoday.icu is a potentially dangerous advertising service, which is closely related to adware programs Pushtoday.icu is a rogue website that tricks users into subscribing push notifications[1] service. Typically, people start receiving notifications saying that this domain wants to show notifications when the system is infected by an adware-type program. Nevertheless, […]


Powerful banking trojan Mandrake spreads within the U.S, Australia, Canada, and Europe for at least four years: thousands of Android users exposed to data theft Android trojan, dubbed Mandrake, has been stealthily targeting Android users for four years and has already stolen money from thousands of unsuspecting victims. Security researchers […]

Mandrake Android spyware spreading via Google Play Apps for 4 ...