Daily Archives: December 19, 2019

Maze ransomware affects Canadian insurance company and its computer network Ransomware attacks do not seem to be stopping for now. Malicious actors have been looking for reliable companies that hold big packages of data and could pay a huge ransom price. This time, Maze ransomware developers have shown their power […]

Maze ransomware encrypts 245 computers of a Canadian insurance company

GoForFiles is a download manager you don’t want on your computer GoForFiles is a potentially unwanted programs that modifies Windows settings in order to launch itself automatically each time the system is booted GoForFiles is a potentially unwanted program that leverages peer-to-peer[1] functionality in order to let users search for […]


Amonetize is the advertising service that leads to PUP infiltrations and diminished time online Amonetize virus is a potentially unwanted program that gets installed on the computer silently and causes frustration with intrusive actions involving pop-up ads, banners, and continuous redirects. The particular adware gets indicated by AV tools with […]

Amonetize virus