Daily Archives: December 13, 2019

Zrryzi.com – adware that provides a misleading Security Notification Zrryzi.com – adware that provides a misleading message about potential malware Zrryzi.com is an adware domain that drops a rogue notification claiming about possible malware attacks. The suspicious pop-up urges users to protect their computers as they might be at risk […]


Ultimate-captcha.com – an adware domain encouraging users to allow its notifications Ultimate-captcha.com is an adware program that forces redirects to affiliate websites some of which might be filled with malicious products Ultimate-captcha.com is categorized as adware that gets users involved in frequent advertising and redirecting sessions. The bogus domain can […]


Rex-news1.club – adware that gathers subscribers by convincing them to click on the “Allow” button Rex-news1.club is adware that can cause redirects to suspicious locations some of which might be malware-laden Rex-news1.club, coming from the IP address, is an adware-based domain that collects subscribers to its ad channel. The […]