Spam and phishing

The phishing campaign uncovered: companies possibly working with the US Department of Transportation targeted  The two-day phishing attack used a combination – creating new domains that impersonate federal sites and evading email malware detections.[1] Malicious emails targeted various companies in the engineering, energy architecture industries and included messages encouraging them […]

Phishers aim to get Office 365 credentials by impersonating the ...

North Korean hackers linked with Magecart web skimming attacks, according to the latest report   North Korean hackers widen their range from cryptocurrency exchange hacking and ransomware deployment to online stores.[1] Reports show that APT Lazarus or Hidden Cobra group use web skimming techniques against US and European shoppers.[2] According […]

Hidden Cobra relations with digital skimming activities revealed

Microsoft users from the Middle East, Asia, and Europe targeted by hackers with phishing campaigns spread via hijacked Oxford University, Samsung, and Adobe servers Oxford University, Samsung, and Adobe servers have been hijacked by hackers for spreading malicious emails to trick Microsoft Office 365 users into giving away their credentials. […]

Oxford and Samsung servers misused for Office 365 phishing campaigns

CPA Canada hit by the cyberattack affecting nearly 330,000 individuals Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada[1], a.k.a. CPA Canada revealed a data breach[2] that affected nearly 330k members of the association. According to cybersecurity researchers, the attack has been initiated against the servers of the association, including the official website the […]

CPA Canada data breach allowed hackers to leak 330k account ...

Scammers seek to take advantage of pandemic fears by sending phishing emails that lure recipients to visit malicious websites INKY researchers report that scammers impersonate White House, President Donald Trump, and Vice President Mike Pence on email notifications listed as informational alerts for citizens.[1] Global pandemic and sensitive time in the […]

COVID-19 phishing scams impersonating White House and President Trump

The overworked members of the healthcare sector are being targeted with coronavirus-themed phishing emails Due to the COVID-19 pandemic worldwide, the healthcare sector has been under huge stress for a while now, lacking medical equipment and struggling with a shortage of bed spaces in hospitals. If that would not be enough, […]

Coronavirus phishing attacks continue: now deliver Netwalker ransomware

Credit card skimmers behind Magecart scheme evaded detection for 30 months by using the fake content delivery network Researchers[1] reported a Magecart skimming operation[2] that was active for more than 2,5 years and targeted platforms like magazine printing firm.[3] The particular magazine platform failed to respond to alerts about shady […]

Magecart runs undetected for two-and-a-half-years: hits 40 new sites