Easy Mac Care

Easy Mac Care is the application that claims to offer optimizing, cleaning and decluttering functions 

Easy Mac Care

Easy Mac Care

Easy Mac Care is the macOS software that should improve the performance of your machine significantly and clean junk files, cache, declutter the storage. However, this is a scam because the program itself is not capable of doing anything fro the list of promotional claims. This is the deceptive campaign used to promote and distribute a full version of the application that costs €15. The program claims to scan the machine and shows predetermined results of issues regarding junk files, logs, language packages, and other files that may not be needed for you. Advertisers claim that cleaning those cache files, registries, and other files may significantly improve the performance of your device. However, there are no reasons to trust such promotional ads and content found online. In most cases, these applications promoted as optimizers and performance improving tools are useless and not needed, or even harmful.

Easy Mac Care PUP usually gets downloaded and installed unintentionally because people are not paying enough attention to the content they click on, so careless behavior leads to the installation of the questionable program like this fake cleaner and other Mac tools. People can also fall for the deceptive claims and download the program themselves, so when the PUP symptoms and shady behavior starts interrupting the performance and affecting the speed of your machine, it seems even more frustrating and out of nowhere. No matter how the PUA managed to get on the system, you need to get rid of the useless program.

Name Easy Mac Care
Type System tool/ Potentially unwanted Mac application
Danger This program claims to offer various performance improving functions but asks to pay for the full version of the tool when you want to get rid of the indicated problems. Paying for useless software and contacting fake technicians can lead to monetary and data loss
Tactics Social engineering or technical supports scam campaign techniques[1]
Price of the full version At least €8,99 a month for the license key
Developers Digital Protection Services
Distribution The official website and other deceptive pages promote the program and provide the downloads of the software. Other application installations also can lead to infiltration of this tool when providers rely on software bundling methods and other scamming campaigns
Damage Such fake cleaners and system optimizers claim to clean various files and repair damage, but in reality, these applications can clean registries and junk files. However, this behavior may be harmful when the program eliminates files needed for particular processes or crucial OS functions
Elimination Easy Mac Care removal requires anti-malware programs because you need to delete all associated applications and files that may affect the performance further and cause the infection renewal
Repair Take care of the computer and fix issues regarding the virus damage. Get Reimage Reimage Cleaner or a similar system tool that could find and fix altered or corrupted files for you

Easy Mac Care is the application that has separate tools like Cache Manager, Misc Cleaner, Logs, and Extra Languages manager, and all of them should help with systems’ performance and speed. The program also claims to fix issues regarding security, privacy, or different problems that keep you from using the device smoothly. 

Unfortunately, Easy Mac Care tool shows that the full system scan is happening and claims to show results filled with various issues. This fake scan with predetermined results is created to trick people into believing that the system is slowed down by those errors, problems, and even malware. According to the scan results and the application, you need to fix these problems by purchasing the full version of the program and paying for the license key. 

You may encounter the offer, sale, or particular deal that offers a full version of Easy Mac Care for an extremely low price, but the license key or the full version of the program is not improving anything. In most cases, those issues in front of you on the list of scan results are not related to your device or particular software, files that exist on the system, so there is nothing to fix. 

This shady program should be eliminated because there are no real functions that PUA has. Make sure to remove Easy Mac Care instead of trusting the suggested claims, or contacting technical support team members that additional pop-ups or alerts may offer you. Get a professional anti-malware tool and clean the system from any traces and associated files that can cause the renewal of this infection or lead to additional installs and cyber threat attacks.  Easy Mac Care PUP
Easy Mac Care is a program that should make the machine more secure and fast but for a price, so it shouldn’t be considered trustworthy.

Easy Mac Care PUP
Easy Mac Care is a program that should make the machine more secure and fast but for a price, so it shouldn’t be considered trustworthy.

Easy Mac Care virus is the tool that cannot fix anything it claims to detect on your machine. The purpose of the tool is to show fake scan results and trick people into purchasing programs, applications, or paying for license keys of the existing software. Such apps categorize as potentially unwanted program and cannot offer any of the real functions listed on promotional content.

Easy Mac Care falls into the category of potentially unwanted programs and often ends up pre-bundled with freeware, so people cannot notice the installation when an insecure option gets chosen. PUPs get delivered during downloads and updates of the Flash Player or similar online programs 

You should go straight to Easy Mac Care removal when you encounter any symptoms and suspicious behavior regarding the time online, commercial content delivered on the screen, and redirects or suspicious system alerts and pop-ups. When these questionable scan results with claims about the security issues get displayed, scan the machine with a proper security program to see if those results are true.

When you encounter any symptoms of the Easy Mac Care PUP, you should rely on an anti-malware tool that can fully detect intruders, terminate them, and clean the traces. Separate installers for this program and additional bundle file can get detected[2] by various AV tools as suspicious or even malicious. Also, remember about affected parts of system settings and preferences, so make sure to rely on proper repair tools like Reimage Reimage Cleaner for cleaning virus damage.   Easy Mac Care virus
Easy Mac Care is the software that is considered suspicious because it uses fraudulent and deceptive methods to advertise full version of the program and spread additional PUAs.

Easy Mac Care virus
Easy Mac Care is the software that is considered suspicious because it uses fraudulent and deceptive methods to advertise full version of the program and spread additional PUAs.

Pay attention to promotional content and triggered downloads

In most cases, such programs get installed by the users themselves, knowingly or not. Often these PUAs get offered as additional parts of the installer of the tool or program that you get from the internet. When you skip through some steps of such processes, you allow the automatic installation without even knowing. 

Free downloads do not disclose such additional offers, and you get more than you intended. Choosing official sources, reliable providers, developers’ page could help you avoid these issues. Also, going for Advanced or Custom installation options every time you download anything can ensure that your device is clean and free of PUPs or malware.

When you for Advanced installations, you can see the full list of included programs and choose or de-select what to install. At this point, you control the process. Recommended options mean that you agree to get anything that is pre-packed already.[3]

Remove Easy Mac Care adware from the system

To remove Easy Mac Care, you need to find all the associated files and applications, so the full system scan is required. Using anti-malware tools and checking the machine fully allows you to see possible intruders, parts of the PUP, or additional infections and issues that can be the result of malicious infection.

Since Easy Mac Care removal is a process that requires some time, you should also think about other things that need to be done manually. Even though this program interferes with the system performance and, in most cases, is not causing additional problems, it can install web browser-based applications. 

When Easy Mac Care virus manages to affect your browsing tools, you may find toolbars, extensions, add-ons, and other content added on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, or another browser. When you find suspicious programs – remove them manually and set the browser to default to clean any traces.

You may remove virus damage with a help of Reimage Reimage Cleaner . SpyHunter 5Combo Cleaner and Malwarebytes are recommended to detect potentially unwanted programs and viruses with all their files and registry entries that are related to them.

Reimage Reimage Cleaner has a free limited scanner. Reimage Reimage Cleaner offers more through scan when you purchase its full version. When free scanner detects issues, you can fix them using free manual repairs or you can decide to purchase the full version in order to fix them automatically.