Spam and phishing

Operation Rebound: fake social media profiles with pictures of young girls used in the attack against Israel Defense Forces members According to the Israeli military, social media profiles with selfies of young girls got used in the Operation Rebound by Hamas.[1] The Twitter post from Israel Defense Forces claims that […]

Hamas hacker group tried to “catfish” Israeli soldiers on social ...

Charming Kitten hackers sent out fake requests for interviews impersonating New York Times journalists Iranian government-linked hackers attempted to steal email login information by targetting people with fake interview offers from journalists.[1] Iranian activists, other journalists, people from academia, permanently living in other countries got emails from the Charming Kitten […]

Iranian-linked hackers pose as journalists in the email scam campaign

The newly-formed hacking group TA2101 impersonates governmental entities in a targeted malspam campaign that delivers Maze ransomware, among other malware A massive malspam campaign was spotted by Proofpoint security researchers in Germany, Italy, and the United States.[1] Between October 16 and November 12, organizations from healthcare, manufacturing, business, and IT service […]

Hacking gang targets the US, Italy and Germany with malware-laden ...