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ConvertPDFEasy is the browser extension that categorizes as a potentially unwanted program that interferes with your online browsing performance ConvertPDFEasy – the browser hijacker that creates frustration when gets bundled with other freeware and manages to affect particular system settings. This is the program that affects various web browsing tools […]


Misconfigured cloud database of several dating apps exposed private conversations and other personal information publicly Researchers from WizCase[1] cybersecurity team have identified five dating app services that are leaking the database of registered users continuously due to the faulty configuration of cloud databases and unprotected ElasticSearch. Million registered users should be […]

5 dating apps in the US and Asia leaked millions ...

Trojan/Win64.Meterpreter is not a false positive detection – it’s an activity sign of a dangerous Meterpreter banking trojan Trojan/Win64.Meterpreter is a generic threat detection name that can be brought by any reputable AV engine, but most frequently it’s triggered by Windows Defender, Ikarus, and Malwarebytes[1]. Although some discussion forums contain […]


Bestdealfor21.life – a program that creates pop-ups and other scammy content, to trick you into subscribing to push notifications   Bestdealfor21.life is the adware-type program that directly affects the performance of your machine because it triggers changes in system folders. This ad-supported site whos fake pop-ups with the form of agreement, […]


Try2Cry – dangerous open-source ransomware with the USB worm traits Try2Cry ransomware is a dangerous ransomware-type malware that uses the Rijndael symmetric key encryption algorithm[1] by calculating SHA512 hash for locking personal files on the host machine. Discovered by Karsten Hahn from the G DATA[2] team of cybersecurity experts, the ransomware […]

Try2Cry ransomware