Daily Archives: November 19, 2019

Another MageCart card-skimming attack detected – hackers breached Macy’s website In their official Notice Of Breach, Macy’s announced the incident that resulted in stolen data of various customers.[1] The hack type is known as “MageCart attack”, during which hackers inject the malicious code into the page to obtain information like […]

Payment data of Macy’s customers leaked due to a hacked ...

Gohoi.com – a domain that is insecure as it does not include HTTPS protocol Gohoi.com – a potentially unwanted program that might start redirecting the user to other domains Gohoi.com is a questionable domain that holds adware relations. Technically, it is just a website about the newest released car models […]


CoinMiner virus – a dangerous trojan horse which is still actively infecting PC systems CoinMiner is a deceptive virus which has been actively used to mine Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency. Typically, miner enters systems without users’ direct consent under or approval by disguising itself as another program. The main problem […]