MyPC Backup

MyPC Backup – a rogue system tool that throws false warnings about unprotected files

MyPC Backup PUP
MyPC Backup is the fake system tool that shows various issues on the list that are not associated with your machine at all.
MyPC Backup is a misleading computer utility that urges to backup your files. Once you install this type of software, it might start booting itself within every machine startup process and dropping you warnings about unprotected files that “need to be backed up right now”. Afterward, the user is prompted to create a free account by entering his name and email address. However, we recommend not typing any personal or contact details as you cannot know where such type of information might go. Also, MyPC Backup, created by JustDevelopIT aims to offer the premium version of its application in order to “properly back up all files that are at risk” and get more space for a 20% discount.

MyPC Backup virus is a suspicious program that can get downloaded from third-party sources such as ironSource,,,, and and other free sites that promote and provide questionable software. Also, it is known that this rogue system software can come in a package with other potentially unwanted products such as DeltaSearch Community Toolbar installation. Paying close attention to online material and caution can help avoid such infiltrations of not-so-easily removable PUAs.

Name MyPC Backup
Type Potentially unwanted program/rogue system tool
Developer This suspicious application has been created and released by JustDevelopIT
Aim The main goal of this app is to throw warnings that the user’s files need backups and encourage them to protect their data safely by promoting the advanced version of the program
Other apps During the installation process, this questionable security tool can come in a bundled with another PUP such as DeltaSearch Community Toolbar
Distribution The PUP is mostly distributed by using a deceptive technique called “software bundling”[1] when the tool gets installed in the system through free software packages. Also, you can get the product download from third-party sources and promotional ads
Elimination You can try to get rid of MyPC Backup by using the manual step-by-step guidelines that can be found at the end of this article or by employing automatical anti-malware software
Repair tool If you have found signs of system compromisation, you can try recovering the corrupted areas with the help of Reimage Reimage Cleaner

Users have been complaining that MyPC Backup arrives with additional questionable content to the computer system and fills the disk space with unnecessary components. According to the user, he initiated two Malwarebytes scans, and the checkup results the first time revealed that there are 99 unwanted files found and the second time that there are 172 files.

MyPC Backup doesn’t seem to be a virus itself but when you download the app (which you pay for) you wind up with what seems to be a limitless amount of junk, and crapware.

My PC Backup spreads just like any other malicious program or potentially unwanted application. It can show up on your machine after visiting an infected website or after opening a fraudulent email’s attachment. Besides, it may also try to infiltrate your PC system in a bundle with freeware and shareware as the optional component of these programs. In order to avoid such threats, you should avoid suspicious websites and also install reputable anti-virus on your computer. 

However, My PC Backup is advertised on various misleading sites and deceptive promotional ads. Such content claims about all the data backup features and other useful functions that this potentially unwanted program should offer. It supposedly allows users to backup files cored on their devices.

My PC Backup has nothing valuable about itself, and it falls into the category of potentially unwanted programs or even can be considered as adware-type intruder due to relation with ad-supported sites. People claim that all the negative features of this program, like stealth installation with users’ consent and questionable pop-ups, allow calling the tool a virus.  MyPC Backup
MyPC Backup is a useless tool that conflicts with online traffic and interferes with browsing online.
My PC Backup itself is not malicious and cannot damage the machine, even though it seems to be intrusive and annoying this is a potentially unwanted application, not a threat. However, the content that gets displayed by third-party advertisers may cause trouble and malware infections since there is no guarantee that you are not exposed to the potentially dangerous material.

Additionally, advertisers, the intruder itself, and all creators of those redirects, pop-ups, banners can access and even track, record details about your preferences online, browsing habit and most viewed sites or searched items. This is one of the first reasons that should encourage you to perform a My PC Backup removal as soon as possible, so you can avoid privacy issues.

Avoid clicking on any buttons and forms that present on the screen with all the claims about issues, malware, and danger to your device. Even survey forms that appear on the screen with the name of this shady software can collect your personal information directly. My PC Backup can be associated with scammers and people that focus on getting money and personal data from victims directly.[2]

Make sure to remove My PC Backup using anti-malware tools and uninstall anything added on the browser or machine without your permission. When you clean the machine, go through settings and system files in such places as Windows registry and startup preferences, so the virus is no longer launched on the PC. Reimage Reimage Cleaner can go that safely for you and even repair damaged files, virus affected functions. For additional tips – check the guide below. MyPC Backup virus

 The delivery techniques of rogue security software

Questionable security tools are delivered to the computer system with the help of software bundling. This technique is promoted by various third-party developers and widely used throughout the Internet sphere. The PUP[3] comes in an entire bundle of software when the user has opted for the “Recommended” installation mode and does not have the possibility to uncheck all suspicious incoming downloads. However, you can easily fix this type of issue.

First, if you are completing downloads and installations on your own, you should NEVER skip any steps as some of them might be crucial and allow a PUP to appear on your computer system. Continuously, always go for the “Advanced” or “Custom” configuration where you will be allowed to take full control of your incoming downloads. Once you have chosen these settings, you will be provided with the option to opt-out of unwanted objects.

Continuously, rogue security software can get delivered by third-party downloading sources such as,,, ironSource, and If you have been choosing these websites for receiving your software, you should think about getting all of your products and services only from reliable sources and the original developers as there you will be guaranteed that you will receive the entire software without any rogue additional objects.

Also, you should employ a reliable anti-malware program that will take care of your computer system will completing various browsing and computing actions. Be aware that your antivirus tool also needs to get updated regularly.

Remove MyPC Backup virus from your computer

If the rogue security software has been bothering lately with its intrusive pop-up notifications and fake warning alerts, you can remove MyPC Backup with the help of antivirus products. These tools will run a full malware scan for you, find the PUP, and get rid of it safely and properly within a few minutes of time.

Also, you can try performing MyPC Backup removal with the help of manual step-by-step guidelines that we have added to the end of this page. There you will learn how to clean both your Windows and macOS operating systems.

According to cybersecurity specialists from, various potentially unwanted programs can bring additional products to the computer system and scatter them all over the machine. In order to uninstall MyPC Backup virus properly, you have to get rid of all the added software automatically or manually, otherwise, the bogus tool might reappear.

You may remove virus damage with a help of Reimage Reimage Cleaner . SpyHunter 5Combo Cleaner and Malwarebytes are recommended to detect potentially unwanted programs and viruses with all their files and registry entries that are related to them.

Reimage Reimage Cleaner has a free limited scanner. Reimage Reimage Cleaner offers more through scan when you purchase its full version. When free scanner detects issues, you can fix them using free manual repairs or you can decide to purchase the full version in order to fix them automatically.

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