Trackid=sp-006 is a cookie tracker that might also be related to adware



Trackid=sp-006 is a persistent tracker that started frustrating users since at least 2014. Once typing in a search query on Google Chrome, users noticed that their searchers are redirected to unknown and suspicious websites. In the meantime, their capability of looking for relevant information vastly diminished, which created a lot of frustration for users.

Initially, if you see Trackid=sp-006 on your web browser, you should take action to terminate it immediately, as it tracks your cookie information via your browser and sends it to unknown actors. If you are wondering who or what changed your web browser settings without permission, it is highly likely to be an adware or another potentially unwanted program. In such a case, besides the Trackid=sp-006 tracker, you might also notice browser hijacking symptoms, such as changed homepage, new tab address, and a new search engine added.

Name Trackid=sp-006
Type Tracker, adware
Infiltration  Adware is typically installed via software bundle packages downloaded from third-party sites or after being tricked by a fake update or another scam message online
Symptoms  “Trackid=sp-006” appears on the web browser seemingly out of nowhere, changed web browser settings (homepage, new tab URL, search engine), an increase of ads on all sites, redirects, etc.
Risks  Financial losses due to encountered scams, personal information disclosure to unknown parties, malware infection, etc.
Removal Since the tracker might be linked to adware or settings on your Google account, its termination varies – you should scan your machine with anti-malware or uninstall all the unwanted apps manually as per instructions below
Further actions If you found no PUPs or malware on your machine, you should reset Google sync as per the instructions below. However, if you did find malware and it is causing your computer issues, fix virus damage with Reimage Reimage Cleaner Intego 

Trackid=sp-006 potentially unwanted program might reach your system in a software bundle, so you might not have noticed its infiltration.[1]. In most cases, such occurrence happens when users go to third-party sites to download freeware apps, and installers include optional components, which are cleverly hidden.

The easiest way to detect this adware is to check the URL in the address box once you perform the search. Typically, trackid=sp-006 is added at the end, which indicates that your browser is hijacked. Note that if you do not take corresponding measures, you risk encountering issues related to your security and privacy. 

It is because the trackid=sp-006 virus tracks your browsing-related behavior. This potentially unwanted program can access and store information such as your IP address, geolocation, or even personally identifiable details like name and email address. These can later be used for malicious purposes – sold on the dark web or used to steal your identity, bringing disastrous consequences.

With the help of the gathered information, this adware program adjusts online ads to suit your interests. This way, you are attracted to click on them even more. However, it is vital to know that these advertisements are not only annoying but dangerous as well.

To spread high-risk computer infections, malevolent people employ a popular distribution technique called malvertising. Adware floods regular computer users with numerous malware-laden ads that are programmed to download computer infections once clicked – these can bring to much more serious issues than just an annoying tracker Trackid=sp-006, which limits search capabilities.

trackid=sp-006 redirect
trackid=sp-006 is a tracker might disrupt you while browsing with annoying advertisements.

trackid=sp-006 redirect
trackid=sp-006 is a tracker might disrupt you while browsing with annoying advertisements.

Therefore, experts from[2] warn that if you delay trackid=sp-006 removal, you might let inside far more dangerous viruses than adware programs. Likewise, we suggest you scan your system using a reliable anti-malware software to get rid of all potentially unwanted programs from your PC. If you encountered malware on your device, you could also fix the damage done to it with the help of Reimage Reimage Cleaner Intego repair tool.

For those who do not want additional downloads, we recommend the following guide below to remove trackid=sp-006. It will explain to you how to eliminate the adware along with all of its components. Note that, if you did not find any potentially unwanted programs or malware on your device and the problem continues, you can terminate trackid=sp-006 by resetting sync on your Google account – we explain how-to below.

Ways adware reaches your system

Various potentially unwanted programs, including adware, spreads in one package with free applications. Usually, the information about them is hidden if the user skips steps by choosing Recommended or Quick settings. Thus, we advise you to carefully install freeware if you want to protect your computer.

The best way to avoid letting potentially unwanted programs in is to pick Custom or Advanced options for the installer. They will fully show the necessary information to identify the additional programs which might be installed during the procedure. You should search for and de-select such checkmarks as “Get XXX now” which are typically pre-selected.

Additionally, do not forget to stay away from any advertising content online since it might lead you to highly suspicious pages and infiltrate other PUPs[3]. The wisest choice would be to use a professional security software at all times. 

Reset Google Sync to eliminate the annoying Trackid=sp-006 tracker

If you notice trackid=sp-006 redirect virus, be aware that you have two options to get rid of it — manual and automatic termination. Even though both of these methods are effective, we suggest employing a reputable antivirus tool to save your time and do it safely.

You can remove trackid=sp-006 with the help of the below-listed security software. They will easily detect potentially unwanted programs and protect your system in the future. You can also look for potentially unwanted programs yourself – we provide instructions below.

trackid=sp-006 Google Sync
Users reported that resetting sync on Google helped them to solve trackid=sp-006 problem

trackid=sp-006 Google Sync
Users reported that resetting sync on Google helped them to solve trackid=sp-006 problem

If you could not find any PUPs or malware installed by using anti-virus software, the issue may be related to Google Sync. When you browse the web, Google saves caches on their servers – these can sometimes be malicious. Thus, even if you reset your web browsers, trackid=sp-006 removal might not be successful. Therefore, go to the Google Sync page, and press Reset Sync at the bottom.

You may remove virus damage with a help of Reimage Reimage Cleaner Intego. SpyHunter 5Combo Cleaner and Malwarebytes are recommended to detect potentially unwanted programs and viruses with all their files and registry entries that are related to them.

Reimage Intego has a free limited scanner. Reimage Intego offers more through scan when you purchase its full version. When free scanner detects issues, you can fix them using free manual repairs or you can decide to purchase the full version in order to fix them automatically.