SymDaemon is the background process that causes high usage of resources like CPU and interferes with the performance



SymDaemon is the antivirus software Symantec-related process that creates issues with the machine because it is always running on the device. Many users have been complaining about the issue online.[1] Most of the reports state about the high usage of CPU and memory which both affect the speed and temperature of the affected machine. You may not experience any other symptoms of the said questionable process, but Activity Monitor shows this file taking over 90% CPU or even more. Some users stated that previous updates of the security software included the patch for the issue,[2] but more complaints surfaced again.

SymDaemon virus is not the proper term for the background process issues, but sometimes common files related to popular software or processes that are found in the background already get misused for malicious purposes. This file may be designed to compromise your Mac device and hijack processes or infect the system with additional malware, so be aware and check the state of security with anti-malware tools.

Name SymDaemon
Type Background process/ possible macOS intruder
Issues The file creates problems with speed and performance by running in the background and using high resources like memory and CPU
Danger The program can be associated with potentially dangerous programs or injected with malicious scripts and affect the machine even further with harmless behavior
Distribution Antivirus software is installed by the user, so these files are loaded during the installation. However, a possibly harmful program may get promoted on deceptive sites, advertisements and get directly loaded on the machine without your permission or even knowledge. Rogue software and files can get added from spam emails or during the insecure installations involving software bundles
Elimination SymDaemon removal process should thorough because any left files can still trigger the same issues, so get an additional anti-malware tool to clean all viruses
Repair To help with performance, in general, you can run the optimization software or cleaner tool like Reimage Reimage Cleaner that may fix virus damage and repair system files that get damaged by the threat, or the intruder

SymDaemon process issues can consume high amounts of CPU on your Mac, and this behavior significantly affects the speed of OS and can even lead to crashes or freezes. This can be caused by a compressed file that is related to Symantec Endpoint Protection for Mac devices. 

It is possible to end these issues regarding the SymDaemon process by disabling compressed file scanning where it is unnecessary. Also, some improvements may be made with a newer version of the security tool for Mac or the update. However, that only works when the issue is caused by legitimate software and its bugs or corrupted files. 

When SymDaemon.bundle is the app that gets installed on the machine with malicious purposes and characteristics more typical for PUPs or cyber threats, you may face more problems than high CPU usage. When the program is possibly malicious it can harm your computer, but this is not a serious virus that could cause unrepairable things.  

This process can be a program considered to be unwanted and intrusive when it affects online traffic and browsing activities. In such cases, you need to remove SymDaemon and go for some serious cleaning procedures with anti-malware tools or more powerful security programs. Typically, potentially unwanted programs can lead to unpleasant issues and interfere with browsing online the most.

For example, if SymDaemon PUP gets on the machine it can change preferences on your browser and set the default search engine, new tab, homepage settings to sponsored or affiliated pages. Dubious content fills your browser and screen, so you cannot access commonly visited pages and content that you want to see. Such pop-ups and redirects create more risk of getting cyber infections.   SymDaemon.bundle
SymDaemon is the background process that creates issues with the machine when it appears running on the computer all the time and using high CPU or memory.

SymDaemon is the background process that creates issues with the machine when it appears running on the computer all the time and using high CPU or memory.

SymDaemon process raises all the questions and concerns, experts[3] recommend getting rid of this program once it causes any issues. Especially, when macOS has other programs available for security and optimization purposes. Nevertheless, macOS computers are not immune to malware, so you need to check the system thoroughly.

SymDaemon removal might be quick and successful if you use the proper AV tool for this procedure but remember about the possible corrupted files issue and other associated processes that can trigger speed or performance problems. For such solutions, get a tool like Reimage Reimage Cleaner and run it on the machine for the proper virus damage check. Such a program can indicate, find, and fix damaged or affected files and settings.

Malware may get distributed silently and sites that promote various programs that seem legitimate or safe, in reality, distributes shady PUPs or use pay-per-click schemes to ensure that application developer earns a maximum profit. If SymDaemon appears to be an adware-type intruder or process created for such purposes, you may encounter tons of ads and redirects besides the shady background process.

Potentially unwanted programs, that SymDaemon process can be related to, forces main browsers to promote certain sites and send you to pages where the material is possibly dangerous, so you accidentally click on some dubious advertisements and get exposed to trojans and other viruses. Keep this in mind whenever you encounter a shady redirect or pop-up.  SymDaemon Mac virus
SymDaemon is a possible threat because such processes often get used as unwanted programs by malicious actors.

SymDaemon Mac virus
SymDaemon is a possible threat because such processes often get used as unwanted programs by malicious actors.

Choose the applications wisely 

The internet is full of potential risks and possible infections, and you can easily get affected by the cyber intruder or an attacker if you don’t pay enough attention to details and red flags, First of all, surfing on dubious advertising sites can lead you to not only annoying pages, but also expose to malicious content.

Cybercriminals get more and more creative and sneaky, so even the legitimate and safe looking page or software might be associated or even contain dangerous material. You should go through the EULA or Privacy Policy of the site that provides you the wanted program and make sure to choose Advanced or Custom options no matter how trustworthy the source seems. Freeware installations can cause even more serious malware infiltrations, so keep an eye for suspicious programs and check the system with AV tools more often.

Forget about SymDaemon issues by eliminating possibly corrupted files and unwanted applications

SymDaemon virus is not the correct term to describe this issue with the process running in the background. It uses high CPU because the software has bugs and the program itself is having problems on the macOS. Symantec is known for causing such issues, unfortunately, so removing the program will free the space and eliminate these issues.

To remove SymDaemon, you may need a proper uninstallation program or file that is called RemoveSymantecmacFiles. This is the way to get rid of the program without causing additional problems on your computer. Without associated files, the process should no longer occur in Activity Monitor. 

However, you may need a different SymDaemon removal when PUPs are involved, and the issue with the background process is caused by the cyber infection. In such a case, you need to get a professional anti-malware tool and run it on the system. By allowing the AV tool to check your device, you can delete the intruder and end redirects or different symptoms completely.

You may remove virus damage with a help of Reimage Reimage Cleaner . SpyHunter 5Combo Cleaner and Malwarebytes are recommended to detect potentially unwanted programs and viruses with all their files and registry entries that are related to them.

Reimage Reimage Cleaner has a free limited scanner. Reimage Reimage Cleaner offers more through scan when you purchase its full version. When free scanner detects issues, you can fix them using free manual repairs or you can decide to purchase the full version in order to fix them automatically.

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