QuericsSearch is the promotional site that pushes browser hijacker search.querics.net and changes browser settings



QuericsSearch – the potentially unwanted program that makes a difference in browsing online when the fake search engine gets set as your default one or as a homepage. This browser hijacker changes particular settings and interferes with various web browsers like Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Google Chrome. The latter one gets more affected when settings get injected and features that normally are not there appear on the web browser. One of them is Managed by your organization feature that is possibly designed to gather data about users’ browsing habits or more personal details.

The program itself appears on the system out of nowhere and the potentially unwanted program appears on the browser as a default search engine or a new tab, so people cannot understand where this QuericsSearch virus came from. Even though it shouldn’t supposed to be called a virus, this hijacker can create many issues with your device when it alters system files, corrupts some functions, programs. There are parts of the PUP that trigger damage in registry and startup preferences, so the browser hijacker is more persistent and can create symptoms on the machine for a while. Especially when there is no particular application that could be deleted from the system since the PUP[1] runs in the background and browser hijacker controls those search results and online traffic.

Name QuericsSearch
Type  Browser hijacker
Symptoms  The homepage, new tab, default search engine settings get altered and set to search.querics.net page that redirects every search through advertising pages and commercial content creators’ sites. In addition, the browser hijacker is related to ad-supported pages that show various ads, banners, promotional material and reroutes users sessions to possibly harmful domains
Distribution Deceptive sites, pop-up promotional ads, freeware installers, and redirects to dubious sites leads to installations of PUPs and cyber threats that control the performance of your machine
Damage  Alters settings of the browser and damages files, functions in the system. PUPs, in general, are related to ad-supported sites and third-party companies that can easily access, track and record your data
Elimination  QuericsSearch removal is not the easiest process, so rely on proper anti-malware tools and scan the machine fully to find all the suspicious files and PUP injected applications
Repair  Recover functions and files on the program by running an optimizer or a tool like Reimage Reimage Cleaner Intego

QuericsSearch is a particular program that can be associated with the adware program or ad-supported sites because this is the application that has the purpose of redirecting to spam and misleading sites. Such material can also distribute malware or expose you to unwanted pages. A single click on the advertisement, banner, or a browser pop-up can effectively redirect you to pay-per-click scheme[2] pages and obtain personal information, show useless material on the screen. 

Experts[3] note, that this QuericsSearch hijacker can be set to perform various unwanted activities, including forcing you to buy products that are useless or even harmful to your machine. This is a universal program that can be found on Windows or even macOS devices, mobile phones. These redirects and pop-ups keep you from accessing wanted content, so you get exposed to risks.

When your browser is affected by the Search.querics.net hijacker you get tons of scams, redirects, advertisements, and other malicious content that fills the screen to control what you see next. Any clicks on the browser, pop-up, or banner trigger the redirections to sponsored material that exposes users to affiliated pages and can generate views, page visits. All these activities get monetized later on, so PUP developers can spread more of their apps.

QuericsSearch PUP, unfortunately, is also promoted and distributed as Google Chrome extension that should be useful, improve results of online searches or show results that are altered to your preferences and needs. However, the list of these results gets injected with hyperlinks, pop-ups, banners, and material that is related to shady domains, not useful pages.   QuericsSearch hijack
QuericsSearch is the hijacker that triggers changes in web browsers, so your machine runs slow.

QuericsSearch hijack
QuericsSearch is the hijacker that triggers changes in web browsers, so your machine runs slow.

You should remove QuericsSearch once it appears out of nowhere, instead of getting the extension willingly. These are useless because there are no purposes for getting an additional search engine or tool that gives nothing. It is even considered malicious or at least potentially unwanted due to additional redirects and triggers that can end up in malware infections.

QuericsSearch removal may seem impossible since you are not the one that installed the browser hijacker on the computer. But you need to clean the machine fully if you want to get rid of all the unwanted symptoms. This PUP, in most cases, comes when you install converters or other free programs, so your browser is affected significantly.

Possible indications that your device is affected by this shady Queric Search family:

  • web browser’s default homepage is set to search.querics.net;
  • browser’s new tab page changed to QuericsSearch New Tab Search;
  • all browser’s searches are redirected through search.querics.net;
  • the QuericsSearch browser extension or tool is installed on your computer.

Run the proper anti-malware tool and make sure to scan the system fully, so anything that is related to this or another PUP gets detected and fully terminated from the computer. Then, you can go through web browsers and change settings that Search.querics.net altered without your permission. When it comes to total system recovery, go for PC repair tools like Reimage Reimage Cleaner Intego and find files affected by the unwanted program. 

Manipulative PUP spread around using misleading sites and promotional advertisements

The internet is filled with shady sites, deceptive advertisements, and promotional pages that distribute freeware by claiming false features and functions. Browser hijackers can be called improving and useful search engines or tools, so people fall for the tricks and install PUPs willingly. Unfortunately, users encounter unwanted ads and commercial redirects instead once such tools get installed.

You may find these programs listed on questionable application stores too or get redirected to the official freeware site that lists many tools categorized as PUPs. developers of such programs can create various content to gather downloads, collect views, and make a profit from PUP distribution. You can avoid infections like this by choosing Advanced or Custom installation options during any download or installation, so your device is safe and PUP-free still. We shouldn’t note how crucial it is to select official and reliable sources of programs and software.

QuericsSearch hijacker removal tips

You know that the QuericsSearch virus is a fake search engine and anything delivered via this site is considered at least potentially unwanted or harmful. There are no features that could be considered valuable or useful, in regards to this PUP or any other cyber intruder.  

You need to remove QuericsSearch as soon as it gets on the machine and you notice any issues with the browsing tools or traffic, speed. You cannot find the program that could be uninstalled, so going through settings manually might be the solution. But there are quicker and more satisfying ways. 

QuericsSearch removal that is performed using anti-malware tools should be the best way to fight PUPs because a full system scan can offer removal and cleaning features after the check. If you run the full system scan using the AV tool, you can terminate any detected files or applications that come up as suspicious. Then run the PC repair tool to recover damaged parts.

You may remove virus damage with a help of Reimage Reimage Cleaner Intego. SpyHunter 5Combo Cleaner and Malwarebytes are recommended to detect potentially unwanted programs and viruses with all their files and registry entries that are related to them.

Reimage Intego has a free limited scanner. Reimage Intego offers more through scan when you purchase its full version. When free scanner detects issues, you can fix them using free manual repairs or you can decide to purchase the full version in order to fix them automatically.