IDP.ares.generic is the detection result that anti-malware engines display when suspicious file or program gets detected



IDP.ares.generic is the malware indication that can be a false positive detection or a threat associated with a malicious file. The issue with AVG or Avast engines that users[1] have reported many times in different online forums. The generic IDP name indicates that malicious behavior was detected and blocked. This is what triggered this alert in the first place. In most cases, these anti-malware tools work on finding suspicious files based on the behavior of scripts. There is a huge possibility that particular detection is a result of incompatible programs or even AV engines since programs tend to use different databases for malware, and files associated with the application can get suspicious due to background checking processes and so on.

Idp.generic is the initial term that appears on AV engine system scan results, so IDP.ares.generic virus is somewhat a version of the threat. Another similar detection is IDP.Alexa51. If you see this pop-up and encounter the warning pretty often, you should be concerned and try to clean the machine as much as possible from this or any other infection. If any of the files get falsely detected, you might need to contact the AV engine support team or try to run a different program, so you can know the real purpose of the indicated file or program and ensure the proper cleaning of the computer. 

Name IDP.ares.generic
Type Malware detection that can indicate a virus or can be false positive
Causes This detection can appear on the screen when: the program performed actions considered potentially dangerous or malicious; a safe application is incompatible with other files; a malicious program was detected
Danger Ads can expose the user possibly malicious material online, if the detection is linked to malware your passwords and other data is at risk of being stolen
Symptoms The computer runs slower, causes alerts and random pop-ups with questionable content like advertisements
Detection This result appears in Avast or AVG engines
Diagnosis You need to run another anti-malware tool to find out the purpose of the file and indicate the possible threat
Elimination IDP.ares.generic virus removal can be achieved with proper AV tool if the malware is detected for real
Repair System settings and other affected parts can be repaired using Reimage Reimage Cleaner Intego or a similar PC optimization tool

What is IDP.ares.generic is probably the most common question in forums where users report their concerns. Most of the reports on this detection involve a particular file that caused the detection. Executable files are more common in these cases because those are the types of data that can get installed and downloaded during different software installations and similar processes. 

IDP ARES generic is reportedly associated with sc.exe; dolphin64.exe; dolphin.exe. According to users that state similar complains:

Started up computer. It asked me to give administrator permission for running sc.exe, a windows file. It was legitimate, but I said no because it seemed weird as it doesn’t usually do that. After opening Chrome and some other stuff AVG said that it detected something (IDP.ARES.Generic) in a temporary folder in Appdata/Local. When I pressed remove, it said “Removing the threat has failed. Access denied.”

People mainly complain about the issue with IDP.ares.generic Avast detection, and some of the researches state that the issue is a false positive triggered by incorrectly installed files and program development. The new version of various programs is more prone to this issue, especially when you get the newest version of the tool or install the app entirely from scratch.

You shouldn’t be scared or think about hacks and breaches when you receive the pop-up and warning about the detection. However, getting your system checked for malware can solve many other issues besides checking this problem alone. So run an anti-malware tool that is not the one which indicated idp.ares.generic for you to double-check before taking any actions.  IDP.ares.generic virus
IDP.ares.generic – the name of generic infection that is detected based on suspicious or malicious behavior.

IDP.ares.generic virus
IDP.ares.generic – the name of generic infection that is detected based on suspicious or malicious behavior.

Removing some temporary files and deleting some folders from the computer might act as IDP.ares.generic removal. You can do that via the Command line and try to fix the issue this way. Also, running a check with applications designed to optimize and repair like Reimage Reimage Cleaner Intego can provide the solution for the issue of threat detection. These tools can find affected files or corrupted programs and repair them for you. without causing additional damage.

You can remove IDP.ares.generic by using your anti-virus tool that can detect and delete malware from your device. By running a different application, you can check if the detection is a compatibility issue or a real problem with security and malware on the computer. Try to secure your computer and online accounts if you are not sure about this detection.

First, you should find out what is IDP.ares.generic before you remove any programs or files. You may cause system corruption by affecting settings manually, so experts[2] always recommend using professional system tools or repair utilities. We can note that Reimage Reimage Cleaner Intego and other programs check various parts of the machine and can indicate or even fix those corrupted files for you without the need to remove any software. 

IDP ares generic generally do not cause additional symptoms if the detection is triggered by file issues, but malware infection can be indicated by:

  • slow performance;
  • high usage os system resources;
  • suspicious PC behavior;
  • random ads or errors;
  • programs installed without your knowledge;
  • apps deleted without your consent;
  • permissions not granted for changing settings or deleting files.

If anything like that is noticed, you should consider the issue related to the malware and try to remove IDP.ares.generic detections by cleaning the machine from malware and possibly dangerous programs. Anti-malware tools are not perfect, and these issues might happen in the future, so you need to consider false detection as a possibility. 

IDP.ares.generic Avast detection is only one of the pop-ups that you can encounter. If it interferes with any actions like installing or updating the program, you need to take action as soon as possible, to get back to normal work on the PC. If you have any issues with the removal process, try to reboot the device in Safe Mode. Instructions for this can be found below.

False positives can still create issues

You shouldn’t assume that every detection alert is false positive because it only comes once in a while. Plenty of cases show that programs detected by AV tools are really questionable. Incompatibility issues or improper installations of programs can be indicated quickly, and software repair works. When the protection tool is there and running, you can be sure that the PC is safe to use.

However, detection results from anti-malware tools are designed to indicate people about malicious programs or different issues that can create damage. Trojans and other malware can spread around by relying on users’ habits to skip through steps and don’t pay attention to details. If you rely on torrent sites, pirating,[3] and other similar processes, you can end up installing files that run in the background affecting the performance and security of the machine.

Clear issues by eliminating IDP.ares.generic virus and additional malware

IDP.ares.generic Avast detection result is one of many detections that appear out of nowhere, scaring people into thinking that their device is affected by malware. It is the real deal when besides the pop-up alert, you also encounter symptoms of the infection. In such cases, security tools and proper system scanning is a must.

You can remove IDP.ares.generic with anti-malware tools or security software like SpyHunter 5Combo Cleaner or Malwarebytes by running a full check on the computer and allowing the deletion procedures once the program or file is indicated as malicious for you. You should trust the vendor and the source of the software, so you can be sure that nothing besides the AV program is downloaded.

IDP.ares.generic removal can get difficult because malware creators tend to change settings and disable particular functions of the computer to affect these procedures. Rebooting the PC in Safe Mode can help you with that. Also, remember to check for virus damage with tools like Reimage Reimage Cleaner Intego.

Reimage Intego has a free limited scanner. Reimage Intego offers more through scan when you purchase its full version. When free scanner detects issues, you can fix them using free manual repairs or you can decide to purchase the full version in order to fix them automatically.

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