GoogleCrashHandler.exe – a file that normally is a part of Google Updater but has been flagged as suspicious or malicious by 36 AV engines

GoogleCrashHandler.exe technically is a regular component of Google Updater by Google that is a package management tool. This product holds the ability to automatically update, download, install, and delete various computer applications. Google Updater has been released in 2006 as an element of Google Pack but has no longer been supported since 2011. Currently, the program is no longer available and finding GoogleCrashHandler.exe on your computer system might be a sign of some type of potentially unwanted program, Trojan horse, or another type of infection secretly residing.

Name GoogleCrashHandler.exe
Type An executable file. Might be an original component of Google-related software or used for disguising malware
Related product Google Updater by Google is the software that is supported by this executable
Release and expire data The product has reached the surface in 2006 but has been no longer available since 2011
Location The original version of this executable file is located in the C:\Program directory and mostly takes 288,848 bytes of disk space
When malicious? The process might relate to GoogleCrashHandler.exe virus if it has been found in another directory and if other malware-related signs are active
Elimination Employ only reliable antimalware products to get rid of the executable if it has been found as a malicious component
Damage repair Try using Reimage Reimage Cleaner for repairing damaged system files if a malware attack has entered your machine system

GoogleCrashHandler.exe might be just a leftover of the Google Updater tool which you should consider removing as the program itself is no longer active. However, note that the original version of the executable is visible in the C:\Program Files section and mostly takes around 288,848 bytes of disk space.

However, if GoogleCrashHandler.exe has been discovered in some type of location regarding the user’s folder, there is a risk that the file might be malicious. Some bad actors might try to misuse this name for camouflaging their malicious or at least potentially suspicious programs that increases the chances of infecting a bigger number of naive users.

GoogleCrashHandler.exe might be a Trojan virus[1] if you see some malware-related signs on your computer or start receiving bogus alerts from your antimalware software. First of all, the executable might appear running more than in one direction on your Windows computer and be extremely active in the Task Manager section.

Continuously, you might experience constant system and program freezes on your computer as a sign that some type of program might be using your CPU’s power. GoogleCrashHandler.exe virus might be able to perform actions that require more than 90% of your computer’s energy resources.

GoogleCrashHandler.exe malware could fill up your Windows Registry with bogus files also. So, if you have spotted some unexpected components in the Registry section, you should perform a malware scan to search for dangerous infections on your machine. According to VirusTotal,[2][ this executable has been flagged as malicious and suspicious by 36 AV engines. Some of the detection names include:

  • Adware.Adload.M.
  • Riskware/GlobalUpdate.
  • Adware.Boxore.5.
  • Malicious.dbd997.

Your CPU is at risk of overheating if some type of virus has been hiding under the name of GoogleCrashHandler.exe. Multiple processes that are being carried out on your computer altogether might relate to high processor work that can lead to the shortened life of the CPU and complete machine destruction in the upcoming future.

If the executable has been found as malware, you might be put at risk of many damaging factors. As a result, you might experience file and program destruction, permanent system damage, loss of private data and huge sums of money from your banking accounts, cryptocurrency mining my overusing your power sources, etc. The GoogleCrashHandler.exe removal might help you to prevent such activities.

However, make sure that you employ only reliable security products to remove GoogleCrashHandler.exe from your Windows computer system as serious antimalware software is required to clean your machine properly. After the cyber threat is gone, download a tool such as Reimage Reimage Cleaner and try fixing some corrupted system files that might have been touched by the malware.

The most common distribution sources of dangerous malware

According to experts,[3] Trojan viruses are often camouflaged under the names of regularly-looking executables or other types of files (for example, word documents). These components can come attached to phishing email messages or downloaded from third-party websites, forums, and sources such as p2p networks. 

Additionally, criminals tend to spread their malicious payload via email spam campaigns and their suspicious attachments and hyperlinks. Always be careful while dealing with unknown email messages and do not open any attached files and documents without performing a malware scan. For this purpose, employ a trustworthy program and check every received component. Also, keep the tool for full system protection.

Last but not least, be careful while downloading software to your computer. Do not install any cracked software as it is known to include poor security and might distribute malware via regularly-looking programs and services. Avoid visiting networks such as The Pirate Bay, eMule, and other torrenting websites. 

Removal possibilities for GoogleCrashHandler.exe

You can remove GoogleCrashHandler.exe nevermind the file is a virus or not. Regarding the fact that Google Updater that is related to this executable is no longer an active tool, you can choose to eliminate the executable upon your own will.

However, GoogleCrashHandler.exe removal is crucial once the process is flagged as some type of dangerous malware. For this purpose, employ only reputable security software to avoid making damaging mistakes. Besides, automatical programs will complete the entire task much faster and effective than any person could.

GoogleCrashHandler.exe virus might be hiding in different locations of your Windows computer, so it is very important to eliminate each infected product. Besides, you can try using tools such as Reimage Reimage Cleaner , SpyHunter 5Combo Cleaner, or Malwarebytes for fixing some damage that might have been brought by the infectious executable.

Reimage Reimage Cleaner has a free limited scanner. Reimage Reimage Cleaner offers more through scan when you purchase its full version. When free scanner detects issues, you can fix them using free manual repairs or you can decide to purchase the full version in order to fix them automatically.

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