Flvto Youtube Downloader

Flvto – YouTube videos converter suspiciously generating lots of different ads

Flvto Youtube Downloader virus
Flvto Youtube Downloader – a suspicious application that might collect and share your personal information

Flvto Youtube Downloader virus
Flvto Youtube Downloader – a suspicious application that might collect and share your personal information

Flvto is a free browser plugin[1] developed by Perspektiva LLC and can be downloaded from Windows or Google stores. The app can also be applied to Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and other browsers. The primary purpose of Flvto biz is to help users to convert YouTube videos into mp3, .avi or other formats, allowing them to upload these files into DVDs, music players, USB sticks, etc. However, the site can be used for excessive marketing campaigns and data tracking.

Name Flvto Youtube Downloader
Type Adware/PUP/Potentially unwanted program
Developer Perspektiva LLC
Symptoms The most common signs of this adware program are supposed to be intrusive advertising, redirecting during browsing sessions, tracking your browsing history, changing the browser’s homepage and new tab search section
Distribution You can find this product on its official website, however, it is more likely to use deceptive installation techniques such as software bundling which happens while downloading products or services from unsecured sources such as Softonic, CNET, etc.
Main dangers Redirecting tasks might lead to potentially infectious domains where different types of malware might be hidden. Bogus pop-up notifications might provide you with surveys that might try to swindle your personally-identifiable information
Elimination Download and install Reimage Reimage Cleaner Intego to check virus damage. To remove malicious files, go to the end of this article and use our manual elimination guidelines

Despite the initial impression, our research team initiated an in-depth analysis of this tool and the results aroused suspicions. Based on Google Analytics,[2] the bulk of Internet users are typically interested in Flvto removal or if it is safe. Such queries indicate the fact that the application works questionably and cause difficulties concerning removal. 

It turned out that the Flvto virus belongs to the potentially unwanted program and adware categories since 2015 and keeps implementing suspicious activities up until now. Within three years of existence, the downloader did not change its distribution strategy in any way – its developers keep attaching it to freeware and shareware as “optional download,” and that’s the main reason why it’s been assigned to the PUP category. 

The rest of the traits exhibited by Flvto Downloader are typical to an adware program. If the extension is downloaded, it is automatically enabled on Google Chrome and starts running the related processes in Task Manager and Windows Startup.

Apart from unusually high CPU usage, people should notice an increment of commercial ads on most frequently visited websites. The layer of ads can cover up the content of Flvto and other sites that typically do not display pop-ups, deals, offers, or similar. In some cases, users might notice the following  Some of them may be marked as:

  • Ads by XXX
  • Downloading from XXX
  • Sponsored by XXX
  • Powered by XXX
  • Etc.

There’s no doubt that a continuous flood of intrusive full-page graphics, video ads, pop-up ads, interstitial ads, hyperlinks, and other forms of resist-to-go-away ads disrupt web browsing activities. Nonetheless, that’s not the biggest problem. Whether or not Flvto biz providing viruses is the biggest concern. 

Flvto virus
The dubious application could bring users to suspicious or even malware-laden websites

Flvto virus
The dubious application could bring users to suspicious or even malware-laden websites

The app is infamous for promoting suspicious products, services, surveys, software updates, and other misleading content, which features attention-grabbing headlines. However, what’s behind those headlines and does Flvto connect users to virus-laden domains is still a debatable question. 

If you the previous facts are not enough for you to uninstall Flvto you still consider it useful, note that it can also track your web browsing activities. For this purpose, it installs tracking cookies and web beacons into Chrome and continuously monitors what websites you visit and what activities you perform while using them. 

Our team also took a look at the Privacy Policy of Flvto which is provided on the official website. Considering a large number of data breaches recently, as well as the release of the GDPR,[3] the data collected by the site drew our attention. According to the company, not only non-personally identifiable information is collected but also personal data can be used in the following ways: 

We may aggregate your personal information with personal information of other members and users, and disclose such information to advertisers and other third-parties for marketing and promotional purposes.

We may use your information to run promotions, contests, surveys and other features and events.

We will not use your e-mail address or other personal information to send commercial or marketing messages without your consent. We may use your e-mail without further consent for non-marketing or administrative purposes.

Bedynet.ru,[4] Russian-based team of cybersecurity researchers, prompt Internet users to remove Flvto Youtube Downloader ASAP. No matter how useful some of its offers may seem, beware that they are used for driving traffic to predetermined websites to increase their rank or sales.

Moreover, some of the ads may be linked to potentially dangerous third-party websites or even hacked domains, which initiate drive-by-download and phishing attacks. To minimize virus damage, it’s advisable to run a full system scan with Reimage Reimage Cleaner Intego and get rid of damaged files. Use reputable anti-spyware if you need to remove Flvto from the system. 

Flvto Youtube Downloader app
Flvto Youtube Downloader is not a trustworthy application. Although it claims being able to convert YouTube videos into mp3 and other formats, it can display misleading content and track user’s web browsing activities

Flvto Youtube Downloader app
Flvto Youtube Downloader is not a trustworthy application. Although it claims being able to convert YouTube videos into mp3 and other formats, it can display misleading content and track user’s web browsing activities

Be careful installing free apps 

As we have already mentioned, volunteers can download this Youtube Downloader from its official website (flvto[.]biz). If you check this site, you must have changed your mind to install this app. The official domain is full of fishy-looking ads with catchy headlines. Besides, the website automatically generates a new Google Chrome’s tab, which reports that Flash Player and Pop-Up was blocked on this website. 

Unfortunately, its developers have also added this PUP as a useful Chrome’s extension to various freeware and shareware. Thus, if you have started noticing an unusual amount of ads and misleading extension injected into Chrome’s extensions’ list, you should check the system with anti-malware and remove all suspicious entries that have recently been installed on your PC. 

We must add that freeware installation always pose a risk of getting the system compromised by potentially unwanted programs. To prevent this from happening, it’s not enough to click the “Next” button to follow the installation wizard. You have to select the Advanced or Custom installation option and read every notification carefully to know what terms do you agree with. DO NOT accept to install any add-ons, plug-ins, toolbars, and extensions and make sure that you unmark all of them if offered during freeware’s installation.

Most people discover suspicious applications coming from sources such as softonic.com, soft32.com, download.com, or cnet.com, so you have to be extremely careful while installing applications and services from non-original developers. Besides, having reliable antimalware software will create some type of protection that would prevent bogus products from occurring unknowingly.

Learn how to uninstall Flvto virus

Flvto.biz virus can render your PC vulnerable to various cyber infections. Thus, any interaction with the ads that it generates pose a risk of redirects to potentially dangerous or even malicious domains that may be involved in malware distribution. 

Flvto Downloader

Flvto Downloader

Two options are available for the Flvto removal. First of all, you can try to delete it manually from Control Panel and reset the web browser’s settings. However, people reported that they could not eliminate this tool due to the flvtoyoutubedownloader.exe process, which generates a Flvto downloader error pop-up. 

In case you attempt to remove it manually is blocked, we would recommend using a professional anti-malware utility to remove Flvto Youtube Downloader. You should either update the one that is currently running on your PC or install a powerful tool developed by the reputable security vendor. 

Flvto youtube downloader removal video and easy steps to uninstall  

Even though Flvto is not some type of dangerous malware, it still does not belong to the user’s computer system as it brings unwanted activities and might even relate to harmful consequences. We decided to provide a more detailed guide on how to remove the adware program that can be found here:

You may remove virus damage with a help of Reimage Reimage Cleaner Intego. SpyHunter 5Combo Cleaner and Malwarebytes are recommended to detect potentially unwanted programs and viruses with all their files and registry entries that are related to them.

Reimage Intego has a free limited scanner. Reimage Intego offers more through scan when you purchase its full version. When free scanner detects issues, you can fix them using free manual repairs or you can decide to purchase the full version in order to fix them automatically.