is the social engineering-based program that tries to trick users into subscribing to push notifications – potentially unwanted program that sends advertisements and triggers tons of redirects directly to the desktop. Various pop-ups, banners, and push notifications appear on the browser despite the website you are visiting at the time and promote other programs or browser tools that give no value for the machine. This is a deceptive page that forces users to allow additional content and notifications from this or another misleading page. Rerouting online traffic and creating revenue from views and website visits are the main aims of such aggressive advertising campaigns.[1]

Even though shows the message with the option buttons, there is no difference in what you choose until you click on anything. Any interaction is needed for the publishers because any click on the pop-up or the browser window can be considered agreement, and such behavior automatically triggers notifications and pop-ups coming to your screen directly when the web browser is closed.

Since this is an adware-type intruder, there are not many files or programs that you could eliminate manually or even find on the machine. Other potentially unwanted programs install applications that run on the computer, but adware is focused on redirects and generating advertisements, so the virus needs to get removed alongside the main PUP that hides in system folders. Exiting the redirected browser window or pop-up advertisement is not enough to terminate the intruder itself.

Type  Adware
Danger  The potentially unwanted program creates commercial content redirects and causes other pop-ups with possibly harmful material. Clicking on displayed ads automatically triggers subscriptions and agreements to content or notifications or installations of additional PUPs
Distribution  Freeware installations include PUPs as additional content that gets automatically loaded when you skip through important steps, deceptive pages also trigger redirects to these sites
Tactics Social engineering campaign methods used by these PUP distributors, so people fall for the trick and allow unwanted notifications
Elimination  Rely on anti-malware tools for proper removal 
Repair  Recover any altered system settings or affected files after PUP termination with a PC software like Reimage Reimage Cleaner is the site that displays a confirmation message stating that you need to allow content or subscribe to notifications from the site to see the video or go further on the site. If you click the button that says Allow or Agree, you automatically subscribe to push notifications that start appearing after each system reboot when the web browser is even closed.

You should not click on anything displayed on such misleading pages like because deceptive pages trigger redirects and spam with unwanted ads, redirects. This is a cyber intruder initially, and the material you get exposed to can potentially lead to dangerous and malicious domains. 

Ignore such notifications and try to exit the site before any of these messages appear. delivers this misleading pop-up to achieve needed interaction: wants to Show notifications

Click Allow to watch the video

If you allow the notifications or commercial content, you may get more programs installed on the machine besides adware. Potentially unwanted programs can install other tools and applications, in-browser programs or extensions. Also, those pages you end up browsing on due to redirects and advertising material can contain malicious code and trigger downloads of suspicious applications.

When you experience such redirects to once or twice it is possible that you encountered a deceptive site that triggered reroutes, but when you get redirected on this and other sites continuously, you may be exposed to a potentially unwanted program, and it affects the performance by running in the background. PUP is the adware-type intruder that comes on the machine from deceptive sites and shady freeware installations. is categorized as an adware-type potentially unwanted program because it gets installed out of nowhere and creates issues by showing unwanted advertisements and displaying content that is potentially dangerous. It can even cause other unwanted programs to appear. 

Eventually, adware comes stealthily itself and places other files, applications on the machine to keep the persistence of the PUP up. You shouldn’t wait longer and remove this intruder from the system as soon as possible. You can try to do that manually be removing any suspicious applications from the system and the browser, but anti-malware tools may detect the potentially unwanted program and terminate the app alongside other files and applications.

Nevertheless, pop-up can access startup preferences, system folders, Windows registry and other parts where any alterations can damage crucial functions of the PC. Experts[2] do not recommend changing those entries yourself, so rely on PC tools like Reimage Reimage Cleaner that may help you with such virus damage and repair files in need for recovery. is a poorly secured website that leads to other shady services and potentially unwanted programs, and people don’t notice such processes. Unfortunately, these installations are not disclosed properly ad the fact about tracking issues. Information about your browsing habits and other details regarding the time online get transferred to a server belonging to the developers of this PUP or advertisers:

  • search queries;
  • IP address;
  • type of the browser and OS;
  • most visited pages and searched items;
  • location;
  • details about services and operating systems.

This tracking can lead to more issues regarding online advertising[3] and particular redirects. Details about users’ habits and preferences get used for generating commercial material, so you start receiving intrusive ads based on your interests. Get rid of the potentially unwanted program as soon as possible to avoid further infections and damage that push notifications virus can cause. virus – a program that causes continuous redirects and push notifications that appear directly on the desktop without opening the web browser.

Choose wisely when installing freeware to avoid unwanted applications and threats 

Potentially unwanted programs are the ones that get distributed via deceptive sites and other methods, including misleading techniques that allow the PUP developers to spread their products widely. Free software installers did not fully disclose that extra applications get included and pre-bundled alongside the promoted programs.

This is how people get all those potentially unwanted programs without notice – by skipping through important steps of the installation. When you choose Recommended or Quick options, you allow all the programs to get installed automatically, so PUPs appear out of nowhere.

Going for Advanced or Custom installations should be a habit because these options allow you to see all the included programs and deselect any extras that seem suspicious. You can prevent the side effect of freeware installations and decide if you need those extra apps instead of installing them unknowingly.

Threat PUP with anti-malware tools

You need to think about this program as a virus because it can be harmful and intrusive besides being annoying and unwanted. There is no need to keep on surfing online when you cannot access the content at all due to redirects and pop-ups.

The best way to remove is by employing anti-malware tools and security programs that can scan the machine fully and eliminate related files, the main PUP that causes all the symptoms. Antivirus engines can detect this intruder, but that depends on the particular database software uses, so you may need to try a few tools until it works properly.

Since adware comes alongside other shady apps, you may need to try a few methods of removal. The first step should be the full system scan with AV tool, then you can go for damage repair using the system optimizer tool and finally, follow the manual guide below for web browser cleaning.

You may remove virus damage with a help of Reimage Reimage Cleaner . SpyHunter 5Combo Cleaner and Malwarebytes are recommended to detect potentially unwanted programs and viruses with all their files and registry entries that are related to them.

Reimage Reimage Cleaner has a free limited scanner. Reimage Reimage Cleaner offers more through scan when you purchase its full version. When free scanner detects issues, you can fix them using free manual repairs or you can decide to purchase the full version in order to fix them automatically.