AnarchyGrabber is the malware that gathers account information from Discord users



AnarchyGrabber – token stealer that targets Discord users for a while and now delivers the updated version of the virus. The trojan[1] is designed to gather details from the platform and send the collected tokens to remote servers. The function allows hackers to steal users’ account details. Additionally, malware can evade detection, and modify client files, spread using hacker forums and YouTube videos with malicious links in descriptions, or even malspam campaigns. The virus can alter the JavaScript file of Discord and hide its purposes from antivirus tools, so the stealer is running for a while unnoticed. 

AnarchyGrabber virus can inject malicious code on other files and alter many system folders, startup preferences, files, disable programs, and features to keep the machine affected and use the resources for additional processes. The attack works when the user is opening the Discord that has a modified file. Malicious script is launched, and users’ login information automatically gets delivered to a channel controlled by criminals. Such instances can lead to loss of information from all the servers, contacts, direct messages. Even further, hacked accounts can be sued to steal other users’ tokens and spread additional or the same stealer malware. Anything involving such data-stealing threats can result in trojan, ransomware infections, and breaches.[2] Servers may store some valuable information and sensitive details about companies or individuals.

Name AnarchyGrabber
Type Malware/ account stealer
Danger This virus steals account details, passwords, logins, and deleted contacts, servers. Such activity can lead to privacy issues, identity theft, and other issues with sensitive data that can be accessed and obtained
Symptoms Particular symptoms cannot be noticed because malware infiltrates the machine and runs in the background silently
Affects Discord users
Distribution The payload is distributed via links on YouTube video descriptions, malicious hacker forum posts with links, spam email campaigns
Elimination AnarchyGrabber removal using anti-malware programs can help eliminate all possible malware infections and check for any other dangerous files and programs
Repair You need to think about damaged system files, affected programs, and other virus damage that the existence of the malware can create. Reimage Reimage Cleaner Intego or any similar system optimizer, PC repair tool can be useful for general performance improvements and fix virus damage without causing additional issues for you

 AnarchyGrabber is the malware that can be set to launch additional installations of malware like ransomware and trojans, so there are many other layers to this virus than the initial information stealer function. It is used to hack the machine and steal data from the computer directly, so the process that controls detection or security can be modified to help malware evade any AV detections.

First of all, AnarchyGrabber malware alters the idex.js JavaScript file that belongs to Discord client, so the modified version creates a different process when the program is launched. Users’ logins, passwords, and other information are gathered when the person tries to log in to the account it becomes hacked in seconds. Users’ tokens get delivered to Discord channel that beings to cybercriminals so they can collect these details.

AnarchyGrabber also can use this information to steal other account details by sending the direct payload of malware to users, trick them into installing other malware via direct messages, and posting on chats, servers. There are additional functions that can be implemented with all the details stolen from users. 

Since malware evades detection, AnarchyGrabber removal is also difficult. You cannot notice any symptoms, and your account may work properly as previously without any issues or glitches, so you cannot be aware that hackers have anything to do with your account. Some generic performance issues and errors can indicate that there is malware installed on the machine:

  • you notice suspicious files or processes;
  • Task Manager shows unfamiliar processes and high usage of PC resources;
  • general slowness of the system;
  • common errors and crashes;
  • pop-up or errors appearing out of nowhere.

There are many functions that stealers like this have, even though this is a virus that targets the Discord platform.  You need to remove AnarchyGrabber as soon as possible. If you notice any suspicious behavior and run the anti-malware tool yourself, you may terminate the malware in advance and avoid any results that may happen after the infection like this. 

Unfortunately, this is the question of timing. If you manage to notice AnarchyGrabber malware in early stages, you can avoid damage and further cleaning that involves repairing the system from virus damage. But when the threat steals passwords, credit card details, and other sensitive information your credentials may get missed to steal identities, make purchases, transactions. So victims lose money and files, get exposed to hackers. 

AnarchyGrabber virus is used to steal accounts, so it is possible that other functions re not implemented. If so, you need to secure the account of yours, clean the machine, and fix the damage that malware left after itself. To do so, you can use PC repair tools, system optimizers, and pretty much any reliable tool like Reimage Reimage Cleaner Intego that can at least check for affected files and corrupted programs.  AnarchyGrabber virus
AnarchyGrabber is the program that hacks account credentials to infect other users’ devices with the same virus via Discord DMs.

AnarchyGrabber virus
AnarchyGrabber is the program that hacks account credentials to infect other users’ devices with the same virus via Discord DMs.

Malware creators deliver their products with the help of hacker forums

It is known that virus developers distribute this program on the internet using malicious links and malware scripts. These methods involve links placed on YouTube video descriptions that criminals upload on the platform, posing as tons of different users and added on email notifications that pose as messages from companies and services. Hacker forums also contain links to those videos and direct links to a free file hosting pages with directly triggered downloads of malware.

Unfortunately, these torrent sites, pirating software developers, and other pages like this can deliver files injected with a malicious script. Or you can receive the email from the legitimate sender or the company that you normally trust and trigger the drop pf malware without even noticing.

Hackers get stealthier and stealthier, so you can’t notice this infiltration yourself. You can try to avoid infections by running the AV tools more often and always choosing Advanced or Custom options during installations, going for legitimate sources only. When it comes to emails – delete any notifications that raise questions. If you do not expect the email delete it without even opening or checking the attachment.

Get rid of AnarchyGrabber virus form your machine with anti-malware tools

You may possibly deal with a more dangerous threat besides the AnarchyGrabber virus, so rebooting the system in Safe Mode can help with the fact that malware evades detection and can disable some security tools. Any virus that is installed behind your back can cause problems with performance and internet speed, so rely on automatic tools.

You should rely on SpyHunter 5Combo Cleaner or Malwarebytes for the AnarchyGrabber removal because there are many places where malware-related files can get hidden. There is no way to find the threat manually because there are no applications that could be installed to stop the information-stealer entirely.

Get a proper anti-malware tool that can detest[3] such malware and then remove AnarchyGrabber by clicking to scan the machine fully. The in-depth scan can check for malicious data and apps, remove them all from your device. Sometimes affected files and damaged functions can interfere with removal procedures and generals cleaning, so get Reimage Reimage Cleaner Intego or a similar PC repair tool/ system optimization application and fix virus damage.

Reimage Intego has a free limited scanner. Reimage Intego offers more through scan when you purchase its full version. When free scanner detects issues, you can fix them using free manual repairs or you can decide to purchase the full version in order to fix them automatically.

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