Daily Archives: June 15, 2020

Sendspace.com is the domain name that can be called malicious due to the unwanted web browser activities it causes Sendspace is the potentially unwanted program causing invasive push notifications and unwanted commercial content. It appears on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Internet Explorer out of nowhere because it comes via […]


Messenger version for Windows had a vulnerability that could allow attackers to hijack a call and inject malware Researchers reveal a critical bug in the Facebook Messenger application that allows the long-term persistent malware attacks.[1] Cybersecurity firm Reason Security[2] spotted the serious flaw in the Messenger for Windows version and […]

The flaw in Facebook Messenger App allows running persistent malware

Trojan.BitCoinMiner – malicious program designed to abuse your computer power for malicious purposes Trojan.BitCoinMiner is a detection name of a type of malware that belongs to the Bitcoin virus category. These types of computer infections are programmed to utilize hardware such as CPU or GPU in order to perform complex […]


Seamletneds.club is the program based on adware-type intruder methods because it focuses on redirecting  Seamletneds.club – yet another redirecting threat that makes the machine running slow when all the shady commercial pages appear on the screen out of nowhere. This site triggers pop-ups, redirect, push notifications, and other material that […]


SystemCarePro – a fictitious system tool that displays false-positives to misled its users SystemCarePro (or System Care Pro) is yet another highly questionable system optimization tool that has been already classified as a rogue tool or scareware[1]. Although its developers promote it as a perfect Windows registry cleaner that prevents […]