Uwasson is a suspicious extension flagged by Windows Defender and other AV engines as Win32/Uwasson.A!ml

Uwasson virus

Uwasson virus

Uwasson is the name of a suspicious adware program that can enter the PC’s system along with freeware or game cracks. The program is closely related to the AV detection Uwasson.a!ml or Win32/Uwasson.A!ml. Usually, people are not aware of the adware program in their PCs until AV, Windows Defender in particular, reports the mentioned detection.

Uwasson is not malicious, however, it’s a piece of malware that is also classified as a potentially unwanted program (PUP). According to experts, it modifies some executable files on the host machine and hijacks the default web browser. For this purpose, it drops an unwanted extension on the targeted web browser. In some of the cases, it may also set an affiliate website as a start page, search provider, or toolbar, which subsequently enables Uwasson adware to implement aggressive marketing campaigns. 

Name Uwasson
Identification  Potentially unwanted program (PUP) / adware
Related  Uwasson.a!ml or Win32/Uwasson.A!ml
Compatibility Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.
Is it dangerous? Typically, the Uwasson adware runs as a regular web browser’s extension, except that it displays significantly more advertising content and may be programmed to expose people to phishing websites. Privacy-related issues are also in question as the adware may be collecting both personally and non-personally identifiable information
Distribution The adware is typically distributed via freeware programs downloaded from infamous download websites or torrents. However, most frequently people encounter this program after downloading games, which contain cracks
Removal In case your AV engine warns about the Uwasson virus, but cannot delete it for an unknown reason, boot the system into Safe Mode and run a full system scan. Otherwise, you may need yo check every free app on the system and remove suspicious ones. Besides, the web browser’s reset is required
Malware damage Malware like this can initiate a slight system’s changes, which may result in crashes, slowdowns, long boot time, and errors. To restore PC’s stability, use Reimage Reimage Cleaner Intego tool

German IT-related forums seem to be most actively looking for ways to remove Win32/Uwasson.A!ml virus[1]. Our colleagues from dieviren.de[2] approved that many people are concerned about this issue and claim not being able to find Uwasson adware on the system, but antivirus software is regularly displaying a notification about it. 

There are two possible reasons for that, i.e. the Uwasson is hiding in the system under a different name or the AV displays a false positive detection. The latter variant is a common issue with many doubtful programs, which due to some changes in AV security settings or virus definitions are flagged as dangerous, while in reality, they are not. 

However, false-positive detection does not apply if several security tools detect Win32/Uwasson.A!ml and refer to the Uwasson virus. In this case, it’s advisable to run a full system scan with a professional antivirus while in Safe Mode with Networking. This way, any processes that may be disrupting Uwasson removal will be disabled and the AV engine will be able to terminate it successfully. 

The question of why should I remove Uwasson adware from the system remains. Even though the extension does not have malicious codes and does not harm the system directly, it may be used for marketing purposes mainly. It may be set to hijack web browsers by altering the main settings, including default start page, search engine, themes, or bookmarks bar. Upon suchlike modifications, the adware may start generating customized Uwasson ads and popups on random websites. 

Uwasson ads are not the worst part here. Apart from random promotions and discounts, the adware may display full-page ads with rather misleading content, including fake online surveys known as phishing, rogue software updates, or online scanners. Beware of such and similar ads by Uwasson as they may expose you to malware-infected websites or trick into subscribing useless services, exposing personally identifiable information or similar. 

Uwasson adware
Uwasson adware may expose uses to potentially dangerous content and disrupt web browser’s activities

Uwasson adware
Uwasson adware may expose uses to potentially dangerous content and disrupt web browser’s activities

Privacy-related issues should also be concerned. Just like any other adware-type application, the Uwasson virus may use tracking cookies and other software that is capable of transcribing users’ personally non-identifiable information (NII) and sharing it with affiliate parties. The gathered NII may include such information as IP address, search queries, content viewed, websites visited, email address, and some technical web browser’s features. Such and similar information may later be used for displaying personalized Uwasson ads. 

In general, if your AV engine is rampant because of Win32/Uwasson.A!ml, make research on your PC and initiate Uwasson removal without a delay. Malware elimination can be done automatically with the help of SpyHunter 5Combo Cleaner or Malwarebytes. However, you can also check the system manually and eliminate all questionable entries. 

PUPs travel as pre-selected items of freeware and can be deselected

PUPs, namely adware and browser hijacker, cannot be installed without a user’s consent. However, their developers employ various strategies to keep unwanted programs unnoticed, but at the same time approved. 

Typically, software developers employ bundling distribution technique[3]. It requires a freeware and an unwanted web browser’s extension, plug-in or toolbar. The stand-alone freeware installer is supplemented with additional programs, which spread in the disguise of the Quick installation option as pre-selected items. In this way, even though the user is not directly acquainted with the package, by clicking ‘Install’ approves that checkmark saying ‘I agree with the installation of xxxx and its Terms.’

Uwasson ads
Uwasson adware may display misleading ads offering to download free software, scan the system for virus online, or participate in various surveys

Uwasson ads
Uwasson adware may display misleading ads offering to download free software, scan the system for virus online, or participate in various surveys

To prevent software bundlers, you should be very careful with the selection and installation of free programs. Rely on well0-known developers and reputable download sources. Besides, monitor the entire installation procedure; opt for Advanced installation, read all the terms, and remove checkmarks saying that you agree with the installation of extensions, add-ons, or toolbars. Last, keep your PC’s system protected. Rely on the most professional antivirus program and regularly scan it.  

Learn how to eliminate Uwasson PUP completely

One of the ways to remove Uwasson virus is to scan the system with a professional anti-virus program. In case your security tool keeps displaying a warning about the Uwasson.a!ml, but cannot terminate it, you may either have to download the latest virus definition updates or boot the system into Safe Mode with Networking. 

Upon Uwasson removal, you have to terminate the extension within a web browser. You can do that by disabling all suspicious add-ons and resetting the start page, or, at best, reset web browser’s settings. In case you would like to remove Uwasson manually, please follow the guide submitted by our security experts. 

You may remove virus damage with a help of Reimage Reimage Cleaner Intego. SpyHunter 5Combo Cleaner and Malwarebytes are recommended to detect potentially unwanted programs and viruses with all their files and registry entries that are related to them.

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