Hookupfornights.com takes you through a ridiculous survey to collect your personal information Internet fraud is just as old as the internet itself – from malicious spam emails to websites that try to make you disclose your personal information, which is what Hookupfornights.com is trying to do. Add the request to send […]

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Researchers reveal that the backdoor malware is connected to the group responsible for attacks on Taiwan, Vietnam, U.S organizations The newly researched malware finally linked to the longstanding Chinese espionage operation group named Grayfly.[1] The backdoor was recently found when the malware targeted the computer retail company in the United […]

New Sidewalk malware linked to Grayfly – espionage group from ...

Techadm.site is a copy of other pages created to generate passive income for creators There are thousands of other pages just like Techadm.site that are created for the sole purpose of generating revenue from PPC advertising.[1] It uses various manipulation tactics and displays false messages, images to trick users into […]

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Hereforthejob.top is a malicious website that tries to scam users When trying to access a particular website, users rely on entering the address within the URL bar (otherwise known as omnibar) or using bookmarks for the purpose. This guarantees that the destination website is correct. The situation changes completely when […]

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Temlo ransomware creators demand payment in Bitcoin Ransomware is an advanced form of cyberattack, and one of the biggest threats that security teams around the world are facing. Ransomware is used to target all organizations, from small teams to large enterprises, state systems, government networks, and private individuals. Ransomware attacks […]

Temlo ransomware

Advanced Password Manager is the intruder that can affect the security of your system instead of improving that Advanced Password Manager is a potentially unwanted program that usually arrives into the PC with the help of a deceptive marketing campaign called software bundling. The application was crafted by a popular […]

Advanced Password Manager

ClickPDFSearch browser hijacker is the program promoting its search engine as an improvement for your browser ClickPDFSearch.com is the page classified as the browser hijacker for all the reasons related to unwanted content and intrusive behavior. A program is a questionable tool using deceptive, misleading material that can lead to […]

ClickPDFSearch browser hijacker

Special-for.me pop-ups might prevent you from performing your daily tasks on the PC Not all websites are created to be useful or informative to users, as there are plenty of crooks out there who are willing to use fraudulent statements to reach their goes of easy monetization. This is one […]

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Activitytonic.com generates revenue with PPC advertising Activitytonic.com is designed to infect users' browsers with intrusive pop-up ads. In some cases, they can appear even when the browser is not in use. The creators use the push notification function, which is available in most browsers, to deliver the advertisements. Push notification […]

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Janelle ransomware threatens to delete the decryption key after a certain amount of time Ransomware is a type of computer malware that locks all personal data and then demands ransom for its return. Janelle virus is a member of this category and recently showed up in the cybersecurity landscape. While it […]

Janelle ransomware