is the push notification virus that shows questionable advertising content to control views is the website that shows nothing but a pop-up that lures you into allowing additional notifications. This is a site designed to create redirects, so people are visiting sponsored and affiliated content related to the same advertisers. This is how potentially unwanted programs can create revenue for the developer and publisher because page visits, clicks, and views can be monetized.[1] The main reason this adware got developed is to reroute online traffic and potentially expose users to dangerous content and more cyber threats.

Even though this is not a virus, people still call the website like that due to stealthy infiltration and the fact that redirect appears out of nowhere on the screen. This browser-based scan can trick you into subscribing to notifications and other content when you interact with the notification that appears on the site initially. Unfortunately, sometimes it is enough to press Block or at least anywhere on the site, so adware counts that as agreement to receive more advertisements and redirects to shady pages. However, the website is a result of a potentially unwanted program or adware infection, not a virus itself. This is why you need a full system scan to get rid of all the intrusive symptoms completely.

Type  Adware
Symptoms  The site shows up out of nowhere and displays advertisements, triggers notifications and pop-ups, redirects to other pages. The interaction with this site automatically changes various settings and causes push notifications to start appearing on the browser and the desktop directly
Danger  This intruder exposes people to possibly dangerous material and online content that leads to malware infections. Also, commercial content creators and PUP developers can access and collect details about users’ online browsing habits
Distribution  Freeware installations get injected with PUPs like this, so when the person skips through steps the application gets automatically installed
Elimination  You need to remove with anti-malware tools, so all the traces and related programs get terminated once and for all
Repair  As for all the changes PUP makes on the system, get a proper system tool and run it to find affected or damaged files. Rely on Reimage Reimage Cleaner redirects cause the circle of multiple advertisements and pop-ups that keep the user from accessing anything else on the website or the computer in general. When the state of the machine is already poor such infiltrations can cause significantly diminished speed and even occasional cracks and freezes of the browser and the operating system itself. 

When you encounter the appearance of this site on the screen, you should note that is not the main intruder that causes all the adware symptoms and intrusive content that frustrates you. This redirect is itself caused by the potentially unwanted program[2] that found its way on the system from either an insecure installation of the freeware process or the deceptive site that triggered the automatic download of the shady app.

Potentially unwanted programs is the general category of cyber threats that focus on delivering commercial content and pushing other products related to the sponsor or provider, developer. This is why different types of PUPs have different distinct symptoms. However, even though virus is adware-type intruder there are many general features that this intruder has:

  • advertising content delivery out of nowhere;
  • pop-ups, banners and blinking boxes injected on sites that commonly don’t display ads;
  • affected speed of the web browser;
  • hyperlinks and in-text links appearing in random places;
  • additional browser-based apps installed without additional permissions. virus is the potentially unwanted program that focuses on opening many pop-ups and browser windows to control the users’ attention.
Continuous redirects to and other similar sites indicates that your machine is already affected by the potentially unwanted program, so you need a full system scan to get rid of the reason your time online is diminished. If you encounter notifications and pop-ups occasionally, be careful and try to exit the website without clicking on anything because one mouse click on the Allow Notifications form triggers desktop notifications and other advertisements that you are tired of seeing. shows the message that should encourage people to interact with a pop-up: wants to Show notifications
Click “Allow” to close this window
This window can be closed by pressing “Allow”. If you wish to continue browsing this website just click the more info button
Click Allow to confirm that you are not a robot!

Even though it is not enough to exit the website or ignore the pop-up to remove, you should try to at least avoid additional interaction with the page. This way you can clean the machine as soon as possible and ensure that there are no new threats getting on the system due to the initial adware.

It may be difficult to find the potentially unwanted program and related entries that control the intrusive behavior, so experts[3] recommend going for removal method that involves anti-malware software and full cleaning process. By using a professional antivirus program, you can get rid of all the potential threats and improve performance.

To make the device running smoothly again, you can also get a tool like Reimage Reimage Cleaner because such system utilities can fix affected files and change settings to default when alters them to affect the persistence. Since notifications start coming on the browser and on the Desktop directly, you should go to your Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari or other browsers and set them to default. Changing Notification settings and blocking suspicious sites is crucial with such push notification viruses. PUP is the cyber threat that creates questionable redirects to commercial pages.

Be aware of potential risk from commercial and deceptive sites

The internet is filled with deceptive sites and misleading content, so you should be aware that anything can and might lead to issues with your device. In most cases, potentially unwanted programs like this adware come either from shady websites or during the insecure freeware installations when you skip through important steps and allow the infection without even noticing.

You can avoid visiting sites like this and take care of the device by keeping it virus-free with security tools. However, when the occasional adware-related sites appear, you may fall for the scam and install the program on the PC. Pay attention to the content and always go for Advanced or Custom installation options to avoid anything related to cyber threats and ensure that the program you get is safe.

Make the system virus-free by disabling all the redirects and notifications

The most annoying and frustrating feature virus has is all the pop-ups, intrusive notifications and redirects that the website causes. Unfortunately, these are appearing due to altered settings and preferences directly on the browser and the system.

To tackle these features and remove caused damage, you should first delete the potentially unwanted program itself. To do that fully and quickly without messing other functions and programs on the machine, you need a professional anti-malware tool that could scan the system and clean it from any intruders.

Once the removal process is done and potential threats get terminated, you can go through settings and clean the device more in-depth. System cleaning tools can tackle alterations in system folders, where the damage can be done by interfering with settings manually. You can go to each web browser individually and change settings to default or simply disable notifications and block any questionable sites.

You may remove virus damage with a help of Reimage Reimage Cleaner . SpyHunter 5Combo Cleaner and Malwarebytes are recommended to detect potentially unwanted programs and viruses with all their files and registry entries that are related to them.

Reimage Reimage Cleaner has a free limited scanner. Reimage Reimage Cleaner offers more through scan when you purchase its full version. When free scanner detects issues, you can fix them using free manual repairs or you can decide to purchase the full version in order to fix them automatically.