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Ffshrine virus – a dangerous Trojan related to a popular Final Fantasy Shrine Forum Ffshrine Trojan horse spreads via infected websites Ffshrine Trojan horse spreads via infected websites Ffshrine virus is a malicious Trojan horse[1] infection that might have been injected into Ffshrine (“Final Fantasy Shrine Forum”) domain. Initially, registered […]

Ffshrine virus

Scammers seek to take advantage of pandemic fears by sending phishing emails that lure recipients to visit malicious websites INKY researchers report that scammers impersonate White House, President Donald Trump, and Vice President Mike Pence on email notifications listed as informational alerts for citizens.[1] Global pandemic and sensitive time in the […]

COVID-19 phishing scams impersonating White House and President Trump

AnarchyGrabber is the malware that gathers account information from Discord users AnarchyGrabber – token stealer that targets Discord users for a while and now delivers the updated version of the virus. The trojan[1] is designed to gather details from the platform and send the collected tokens to remote servers. The […]